Delta Pyramid Schemes Album Sampler feat. DJ Staen 1

Delta is a living hip hop legend. Known globally for his razor-sharp rhymes, allegiance to hip hop culture and perfectionism, Delta has been honing his craft for over 20 years. On the 14th of February 2014 Delta will be releasing his third album Pyramid Schemes, five years after sophomore album The Second Story was released.


Demonstrative of his formidable creative flair, Pyramid Schemes is an opus to behold for any hip hop enthusiast. For listeners less familiar with the genre, Delta epitomises what hip hop is about; intelligent lyricism, selection and structure of quality beats, and honouring the genre in its purest form.

Pyramid Schemes showcases Delta’s expansive musical understanding combining elements of jazz, rock, funk, and soul served with a large side of hip hop. The majority of the beats have been produced by Delta, with the additional guest producers being his long time partner in crime Mark B (UK), and Amed of the all mighty DITC/Wildlife family (USA).

Vocal guests include Melbourne soul songstress Candice Monique, Adelaide king Lazy Grey, Peter Tilbrook of the legendary band The Masters Apprentices, the unstoppable Mojo the Cinematic and Milano Constantine (USA) and forewords by scene pioneer Kool Herc (USA).

Still Kings is a sequel to Delta’s Australian hip hop anthem For the Kings, which was the title track on Culture of Kings 2 in 2002. The compilation was the first Australian hip hop album to achieve triple j’s album of the week, and for many, For The Kings is the first Australian hip hop song they had ever heard.

Another shining moment on Pyramid Schemes is A Mad Man Roams Tonight. The track samples a long forgotten single from 1971 by Australian rock legend Peter Tilbrook of the legendary band The Masters Apprentices. Delta had heard about this famous vinyl rarity for years, and after decades of searching he found a copy. Delta rang Peter to ask if he could sample the song shortly after the two had met at a garage sale at Peter’s home! Not only did Peter agree, but offered to hit the studio and record his original chorus to seal the deal.

Delta prides himself on creating classic hip hop; sample-heavy and lyrical with “no filler and no scams”. As a writer he is famous for delivering songs with a crucial element of sentimentality and cultural nostalgia, evoking emotion in his listeners and inviting them to lose themselves within his lyrical themes, and concepts. Pyramid Schemes is a pinnacle release for hip hop worldwide, and another master achievement for Delta.

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