Introducing the Sonos Play:1 – Mini But Mighty

We love our gadgets, we love our quality high-tech products and we love beautiful design combined with form and function. The Sonos PLAY:1 ticks all of these boxes. The PLAY:1 can be described as a wireless wonder speaker, and the first step towards a truly unique Hi Fi wireless speaker system.

sonos play 1

Start with a PLAY:1 and add more products over time to create a complete wireless home audio system. Sonos empowers you to unite your digital music collection into one collection, one app, that you can control from any device. The Sonos PLAY:1 has been custom designed for every space in your home, with its compact size and thoughtful design, you can fill up any room with the crystal clear Hi Fi sound at any volume.

The PLAY:1 connects seamlessly to your home network through the use of the Sonos CONNECT, which is a must have, to take advantage of all the features of the amazing Sonos PLAY:1. Set up the PLAY:1 with the push of a button. The end result? Unrivalled performance and zero drop-outs.

The Sonos Controller App lets you browse and play your music from any device. Use your smart phone, tablet or computer to stream different songs in each room, group rooms together, or hear the same track everywhere. The highlight of the Sonos PLAY:1 is the ability to stream your favourite services, listen to all the music you love, no matter where it lives. Think your iTunes collection, podcasts, radio stations with 1000’s preloaded, Spotify, MOG, Pandora, Deezer, JB Hi-Fi Now, Rdio and more. Use the app to control your music from the cloud.

We will be bringing you an in-depth review of the Sonos PLAY:1 and the Sonos CONNECT very soon. It will feature on the very first ever episode of aahhReviews. Stay tuned for more information on that coming soon.

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