B Wise – The Benchman

23 year old Emcee B Wise was born and raised between Rural NSW and the city of Sydney, he has displayed a strong passion for writing music since an early age, with his first public presence originally starting off as a party Emcee in his local area. 

As time went on, Wise managed to nurture this talent and become one of the original founding members of Sydney hip hop trio Konnected As 1 – or better known as K1. In 2010 Wise released his first solo Mixtape titled A Word To The Wise featuring some of the freshest beats. Earlier in the year we saw the release of his second solo mixtape The Benchman – a metaphor for his times and trials in the local hip hop game.

With the tape being recorded both in Sydney and London, Wise gives his best delivery yet – with intellectual lyricism and an informative outlook that’s easily his own.

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