Interview: Mdusu – 88 1/2 EP

First things first – it’s pronounced muh-DOO-soo, & it’s spelled M-D-U-S-U , lets just call the MC/producer from Hobart Duse or MD. Duse has recently released a ‘name your price’ EP titled the 88 1/2 EP. The Tape Death Collective member catches up with aahh to talk about the new EP. 

What brought about the newEP?
Basically, I’d spent the past year working like a madman on beats, rhymes, session muso work & post-production for a heap of cats (no arrogance, but I can almost guarantee that if you like hip hop from Australia, you’ve heard my work this year). I also joined the Tape Death production crew (all day, erryday!) & dropped a few instrumental & remix albums, but it’s been quite a while since I’d done anything as a rapper with my name on the cover. I pretty much woke up one day & thought “fuck it, let’s see how quickly I can write, record, mix & release an EP”, so I went through my archives of beats & raps, picked a bunch that still sounded fresh, & wrote the rest of it during a 48 hour bender on the contraband.

Tell us about some of the tracks and features found on the EP?
A couple of the tracks (‘Four Hunnid’ & ‘Scarborough St’) were verses that I’d already uploaded to FB before, so it was just a case of re-recording the vox & tweaking the beats (‘Scarborough St’ has a new beat, as the OG track was just me spitting over the ‘Funky Drummer’ loop).
The Class A & BVA features used verses of theirs that I’ve had for a minute now. The raps are still fire today, but the OG beats for those tracks sounded a little dated, so I whipped up a pair of new head-nodders for the vox, then hit them both up to see if they felt the v2.0 tracks. Luckily, they were both gracious enough to let me proceed with them, as I love both of those tracks now.
As for the Rigby, Wiz Kid & Dunn D features, they’re my people down here in the HBT (Rigby’s my lil’ sis), so it was pretty much inevitable that we were gonna work on some ish together. Because we’ve all done so many shows with each other, we can get straight to the point in the lab, & get awesome tings done in a short space of time.

As soon as I wrote the beat for ‘Spread The News Around’, I knew that I wanted Dunn & Rigby on there with me. It only took 2 hours for Dunn to write & record his vocal (dude is a machine when it comes to hammering out quality verses), & about half an hour (if that) for Rigby to lay down the harmonies.
Same deal with Wiz Kid – dude is a dope song-writer as well as a singer, so the only reason it takes us any time in the lab is that we’re trying out a million different ways the song could go. Originally, I was gonna get him in to co-write a hook for ‘Basin St Blues’, but I decided to keep the outro blank while I was editing the clip for it. A homie heard the ‘Doobie Brothers’ beat & commented that singing would suit it, so I wrote a quick hook & Anton KILLED it.

What can we expect from yourself in the next few months?
I’ve got some more ish dropping soon – an album with my crew ‘Mic Dons’, a couple more producer/remix projects, & then my solo LP Ex-Samples will FINALLY see the light of day this year. Cheers for listening, MD.

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