Interview: Mdusu – 88 1/2 EP

First things first – it’s pronounced muh-DOO-soo, & it’s spelled M-D-U-S-U , lets just call the MC/producer from Hobart Duse or MD. Duse has recently released a ‘name your price’ EP titled the 88 1/2 EP. The Tape Death Collective member catches up with aahh to talk about the new EP.  What brought about the newEP? Basically, I’d spent the past year working like a madman on beats, rhymes, session muso work & post-production for a heap of cats (no arrogance, but I can almost guarantee that if you like hip hop from Australia, you’ve heard my work this year). I … Continue reading Interview: Mdusu – 88 1/2 EP

DFTC x Tape Death

Tape Death is a beats collective making tunes in the style of Hip-Hop, Dub-Step, Glitch-Hop, Wonky and more. DFTC Records are a Melbourne based Hip-Hop label consisting of Force, Sparts, Dazed, Sinks and Mol One, taking it back to how things should be done. With the combination of the two collectives comes a new remix album DFTC x Tape Death. Featuring 14 banging tracks the album will be dropping April 29 through The release will be available in both digital and hard copy format. Tracklist: 1. 1, 2, 3 (MD Remix) 2. We Go Back (Ilz Remix) 3. No … Continue reading DFTC x Tape Death

MD – Electric Sky

Hailing from Hobart mdusu (pronounced muh-DOO-soo) or MD or Duse, is one of Tasmania’s premier hip hop artists. Since his first live performance as an MC in 2003, the MC/producer has built himself a reputation Australia-wide for quality recordings and raucous live shows, a feat which is all the more remarkable considering the isolation of his home town. In just a few short years, he has performed alongside acts such as De La Soul, Jurassic 5, Jungle Brothers, Z-Trip, Swollen Members, The Herd, Drapht, Funkoars, Muph & Plutonic etc. and can even lay claim to having shared a stage with … Continue reading MD – Electric Sky

Megatroid wins Icebird ‘Charmed Life’ remix competition

Megatroid is a Sydney born, Vancouver based producer who has so far slipped under the radar of all but the most discerning hip hop/production fans. Think this is set to change though, especially now that he as won the Icebird ‘Charmed Life’ remix competition, beating over 150 entries to clinch the win!  The track was offered up for remix by the duo behind Icebird: legendary producer RJD2 and singer Aaron Livingson of The Mean. Megatroid went for a stripped back, minimalist vibe, commenting that he wanted to create “an alternative to the current dub-step trend in electronic music, which is brutal … Continue reading Megatroid wins Icebird ‘Charmed Life’ remix competition