DFTC x Tape Death

Tape Death is a beats collective making tunes in the style of Hip-Hop, Dub-Step, Glitch-Hop, Wonky and more. DFTC Records are a Melbourne based Hip-Hop label consisting of Force, Sparts, Dazed, Sinks and Mol One, taking it back to how things should be done.

With the combination of the two collectives comes a new remix album DFTC x Tape Death. Featuring 14 banging tracks the album will be dropping April 29 through dftc.com.au. The release will be available in both digital and hard copy format.

1. 1, 2, 3 (MD Remix)
2. We Go Back (Ilz Remix)
3. No One’s Dancing (Megatroid + MD Remix)
4. Planet Of The Apes (Hyphae Remix)
5. Clarity (MD Remix)
6. Have A Feed (Zarkov Remix)
7. Merry-Go-Round (Ilz Remix)
8. King Killaz Pt. 2 (Hyphae Remix)
9. Ordinary (Megatroid Remix)
10. Social Dynamics (Zarkov + Ilz Remix)
11. The Darker Consciousness (Hyphae Remix)
12. Taken For Granted (Hyphae Remix)
13. King Killaz Pt. 2 (MD Remix)
14. Transactions (Megatroid Remix) (Bonus track)

Tape Death Collective  ||  Down For The Count Records