Music News: Force [Prod. Zarkov]

Melbourne born and bred and raised on a diet of traditional hip hop both local and abroad, Force has been steadily building as an artist since his 2009 debut album Clouded, which featured Maundz, Hunter (RIP), A-diction and more. From there it was evident that arespect for the art form reigned true. 
It’s now 2013 and whilst nothing has changed in the respect for the pioneers, the sound 
Force is bringing certainly has. After forming Down For The Count Records and releasing a slew of crew products, Force has now teamed up with Jackie Onassis producer Zarkov (Raph) to release … Continue reading Music News: Force [Prod. Zarkov]

Sinks – Prolifix (Nov 28th)

One fifth of the Down For The Count collective, Sinks has been named by some of the most respected local hip hop artists and heads as an upcoming rapper to look out for (DJ Sherriff Rosco) and a beast on the mic (Fatty Phew). So after much anticipation, Sinks finally releases his debut 5 track EP, Prolifix… As a young rapper and producer hailing from Melbourne’s inner south, Sinks’ passion for the craft of hip hop is second to none. As a newer MC in the scene he has been able to form a niche sound for himself, bypassing the sound … Continue reading Sinks – Prolifix (Nov 28th)

Big Noise – Dazed Benefit Show

Dazed is a producer/emcee and DJ for Down for The Count Records. He has just received the news that due to his high involvement with music throughout his life that his ears have given up and he will have to get nerve surgery and wear hearing aids for the rest of his life. He has been a long time supporter and contributor to the Hip Hop scene in Canberra, Sydney and now Melbourne and is highly respected throughout and has worked with many artists. The local hip hop scene has put forward some of it’s finest to do a benefit … Continue reading Big Noise – Dazed Benefit Show

Dazed – Hearing Not Listening

“And I don’t need more to blind me; my vision’s so unsightly, I’m sick of all the bullshit; it’s time to go out fighting.” Hearing Not Listening is the latest solo release from DFTC producer, DJ and MC, Dazed, dropping on 12″ vinyl, CD, and digital format on August 29, 2012. The album reveals a reflective honesty often lost in today’s bipolar and fragmented local scene. A true head dedicated to pure, hard hitting hip hop, Dazed delivers stories of his past with raw sincerity, straight up battle raps with support from a range of guests and original sounds that don’t … Continue reading Dazed – Hearing Not Listening

DFTC x Tape Death

Tape Death is a beats collective making tunes in the style of Hip-Hop, Dub-Step, Glitch-Hop, Wonky and more. DFTC Records are a Melbourne based Hip-Hop label consisting of Force, Sparts, Dazed, Sinks and Mol One, taking it back to how things should be done. With the combination of the two collectives comes a new remix album DFTC x Tape Death. Featuring 14 banging tracks the album will be dropping April 29 through The release will be available in both digital and hard copy format. Tracklist: 1. 1, 2, 3 (MD Remix) 2. We Go Back (Ilz Remix) 3. No … Continue reading DFTC x Tape Death

Dazed – From Dust Till Dawn

Restless nights breed a dedicated dawn. Melbourne producer, MC and DJ, Dazed keeps the ball rolling from Down For The Count Records, with the delivery of a 23 track instrumental album entitled Dawn ‘till Dust. Forged through early morning sessions on his MPC 2500, Dawn ‘till Dust presents an insight into the psyche and work ethic of DFTC’s most thorough and only-all rounder. Capturing the essence of those solitary hours before the world has woken, Dazed weaves heavy synths effortlessly with dusty loops and lo-fi sound scapes to create a showcase of quality tracks. Available now, Dawn ‘till Dust is an … Continue reading Dazed – From Dust Till Dawn

The 93 Mixtape (mixed by Dazed) – A Peak Street x DFTC Project

In Peak Street’ Magazine’s humble, yet godddam correct, opinion – 1993 was a vintage year for hip hop. 36 Chambers, Doggystyle, Midnight Marauders, 93 Til Infinity, Bacdafuccup, Slaughtahouse, Black Sunday, Lethal Injection, Return of the Boom Bap, Enta Da Stage and Buhloone Mind State are just a hint of the classic albums which hit speakers in the nine-trey. Timeless music. To pay homage to this most awesome of hip hop years, Peak Street put a call out to all Australian MC’s to drop some bars over some classic beats from the year 1993 for a mixtape. All heads had to … Continue reading The 93 Mixtape (mixed by Dazed) – A Peak Street x DFTC Project

DFTC Records 2011 Wrap Up

This year saw the first full year for the new Melbourne based outfit Down For The Count Records consisting of Force, Sparts, Mol One, Sinks and Dazed. Forming late in 2010 with the goal of releasing product in 2011, they certainly lived up to this plan with multiple drops throughout the year. 2011 saw the release of a 7″ Vinyl Rest in Syn from Dazed featuring Sydney emcees Rinse and Grand Arkiteks crew. This release was received well by fans and there are only a couple of copies of the limited edition wax left. DFTC also released Down For The … Continue reading DFTC Records 2011 Wrap Up

Sin Synik – Sinxtape

Another free mixtape, wohoo! We sense your sarcasm in these days of every fucken kid dropping “mixtapes” and we understand. Yes, the internet is usually uncapped for most these days but why should you have to wait for something to download only to delete it 5 minutes later cause MC Burnamic just wasn’t what you were looking for? Well it’s alright, we here at Down For The Count Records have got you. Introducing Sin Synik. Some of you have heard him on the Down For The Count Label album, some know him from way back as Sinks in the group Skematics. Some of … Continue reading Sin Synik – Sinxtape

Down For The Count Records presents – “Down For The Count” Label Album

The 1935 image taken from the infamous Max Baer vs Joe Louis personifies the first full length release from Down For The Count Records. A surprise attack from the newly formed crew consisting of Dazed, Mol1, Sinks, Sparts and Force, Down For The Count is overflowing with a passion, drive and respect for the genre that lately seems to have gone to the wayside. Sixteen tracks deep and featuring in house production from Dazed combined with heaters from B Wiv, Chris Labs, Double Digits, Shroomz, Alabama, Bipola, Rotten Produce, Flash Forest and Chris Labs has allowed each emcee to craft … Continue reading Down For The Count Records presents – “Down For The Count” Label Album