Dazed – From Dust Till Dawn

Restless nights breed a dedicated dawn. Melbourne producer, MC and DJ, Dazed keeps the ball rolling from Down For The Count Records, with the delivery of a 23 track instrumental album entitled Dawn ‘till Dust. Forged through early morning sessions on his MPC 2500, Dawn ‘till Dust presents an insight into the psyche and work ethic of DFTC’s most thorough and only-all rounder.

Capturing the essence of those solitary hours before the world has woken, Dazed weaves heavy synths effortlessly with dusty loops and lo-fi sound scapes to create a showcase of quality tracks. Available now, Dawn ‘till Dust is an opportunity for listeners to chill to, MCs to rap over and DJs to scratch up some of the finest new music coming out of Melbourne.

Free download, the $5 hard copies have sold out.

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