Sin Synik – Sinxtape

Another free mixtape, wohoo! We sense your sarcasm in these days of every fucken kid dropping “mixtapes” and we understand. Yes, the internet is usually uncapped for most these days but why should you have to wait for something to download only to delete it 5 minutes later cause MC Burnamic just wasn’t what you were looking for?

Well it’s alright, we here at Down For The Count Records have got you. Introducing Sin SynikSome of you have heard him on the Down For The Count Label album, some know him from way back as Sinks in the group Skematics. Some of you have never heard of him. That’s cool, cause this is free and you will enjoy it. Classic jacked beats, straight up lyrics and flow with a few surprises. Thats the blueprint and we are sticking to it. This is Sin Synik and this is his Free Sinxtape for you.  Enjoy.

Get it for free here

1. Genesis
2. Madness
3. Disatisfaction
4. Sinksmonster
5. Liquor Life
6. Rejuvination feat. Force
7. Troubled Times
8. Big Brother Movement
9. Gimme Some Mo’ 2011
10. Broken Facts
11. Snake Pit feat. Mol One
12. Wisdom feat. Olsen
13. Massacred
14. The Jam feat. Olsen

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