Down For The Count Records presents – “Down For The Count” Label Album

The 1935 image taken from the infamous Max Baer vs Joe Louis personifies the first full length release from Down For The Count Records. A surprise attack from the newly formed crew consisting of Dazed, Mol1, Sinks, Sparts and Force, Down For The Count is overflowing with a passion, drive and respect for the genre that lately seems to have gone to the wayside.

Sixteen tracks deep and featuring in house production from Dazed combined with heaters from B Wiv, Chris Labs, Double Digits, Shroomz, Alabama, Bipola, Rotten Produce, Flash Forest and Chris Labs has allowed each emcee to craft a variety of styles and topics throughout the album. With this combination of artists the album is varied yet still maintains a very concise and complete approach with a common but simple goal in mind, to make something that people want to listen to. 
So get ready, because this is just the beginning.

Track List
1. Eddie Holman – DFTC – Produced by B Wiv
2. Back To Raw – Force & Sparts – Produced by Rotten Produce
3. King Killaz Pt 2 (Remix)- DFTC – Produced by Dazed
4. Planet Of The Apes – Sinks, Force, Sparts & Dazed – Produced by Dazed
5. No Ones Dancing – Sinks, Dazed & Sparts – Produced by Chris Labs
6. The Darker Consciousness – Sinks – Produced by Dazed
7. Ordinary – Sparts & Mol1 – Produced by B Wiv
8. The Ones – Force – Produced by Shroomz
9. Merry-Go-Round – Mol1 – Produced by Dazed
10. Social Narcotics – Dazed – Produced by Double Digits
11. Have A Feed – Force – Produced by Dazed
12. 1,2,3 – Sparts, Force & Dazed – Produced by Alabama
13. Synikal Force – Force & Sinks – Produced by Bipola
14. Clarity – Force, Dazed & Sparts – Produced by Dazed
15. Taken For Granted – Mol1 – Produced by Flash Forrest
16. Lovely Way – Force, Mol1 & Sinks – Produced by B Wiv

$5 – Digital Release – $10 – Physical copies plus bonus digital (shipping from the 3rd October) – Stores to be announced 

“Those who witnessed the fight in effect watched the torch being passed from the old style puncher to the emerging modern warrior. Louis’ defense was liquid smooth, his punches rattlesnake quick.”
– Max Baer Autobiography – The Man

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