Force The Remixes EP

This loose brief was sent out to a select few producers with the goal of creating a different vibe and approach to the eclectic sounds of the Force LP. Realizm from Adelaide, Aussie Ozborn from Brisbane, B Wiv from Melbourne and B-Side from Berlin were up the task. Along for the ride is a new guest appearance from Aetcix and cuts from Melbourne Legend DJ FX. Throw in new artwork from Chad Mann of Third Half Design and a bonus track produced by B-Side and the Remix EP is ready to roll. “Its like a reverse remix, usually things go … Continue reading Force The Remixes EP

Deece – A Cornered Season

A Cornered Season is the debut solo album from the well oiled Melbourne MC, Deece (of B Wiv Deece fame). While B Wiv still has a strong presence on ‘A Cornered Season’ producing six of the sixteen tracks, this album sees Deece team up with some of the best MC’s & producers this country has to offer. The result? A beautifully sculpted dynamic soundscape that complements Deece’s ever evolving sound. On the producer front Plutonic Lab has lent a hand between relentless Hilltop Hoods duties, WIK has jumped on board fresh from handling production on Maundz’s latest album Zero, Alter Ego … Continue reading Deece – A Cornered Season

Down For The Count Records presents – “Down For The Count” Label Album

The 1935 image taken from the infamous Max Baer vs Joe Louis personifies the first full length release from Down For The Count Records. A surprise attack from the newly formed crew consisting of Dazed, Mol1, Sinks, Sparts and Force, Down For The Count is overflowing with a passion, drive and respect for the genre that lately seems to have gone to the wayside. Sixteen tracks deep and featuring in house production from Dazed combined with heaters from B Wiv, Chris Labs, Double Digits, Shroomz, Alabama, Bipola, Rotten Produce, Flash Forest and Chris Labs has allowed each emcee to craft … Continue reading Down For The Count Records presents – “Down For The Count” Label Album

WIK – Duck Down feat. G-Force, Maundz & Deece (Free Download)

This banger of a track is a leak from the upcoming WIK project featuring G-Force, Maundz & Deece. This one is on that serious ish, do the knowledge. Download the track now by clicking the downward arrow on the player, and keep an eye out for WIK! Check out footage of another track produced by WIK. This is the first time the guys have performed the track Loco Motive with all three emcees’s (Maundz, Fluent Form & Fatty Phew ). Filmed by B wiv. Taken from the Mr Nobody/Crate Cartel album launch @ The Johnston on 14/8/10 Continue reading WIK – Duck Down feat. G-Force, Maundz & Deece (Free Download)

Fatty Phew – Yes Or No Clip

Fatty Phew, is back better than ever. Phew’s versatility has always been known after the underground classic release 23 Years In The Making. With tracks like Stand Up, Phew returns with his hard-hitting lines and passionate views on life, then chills out with a track reminiscing on past experiences with Wont Forget. Tracks like So The Fuck What, pokes fun at the side of life that everybody else seems to take so serious, and Yes or No is a story about the times people tend not to take serious. To add to this new release, DJ Bogues brings his talents … Continue reading Fatty Phew – Yes Or No Clip

Hip Hop Youtube

Here are a few hip hop related Youtube clips that are worth checking out. Questions Lounge feat. B wiv Deece (Rise Promo Video) Great promo video for B Wiv Deece’s – Rise In Peace (May 1st). Microphone Madness – Force & Sparts (Powerlines EP) New clip for Force & Sparts – Microphone Madenss, taken from their Powerlines EP. The track is produced by Wik and the clip shot and edited by B Wiv. Swarmy & PSYKEone – Onetwo Swarmy and PSYKEone get busy on a short track titled Onetwo. Kade Mc vs The Tongue (Final) Kade Mc vs The Tongue … Continue reading Hip Hop Youtube

Maundz – Mr Nobody Album Sampler

Here it is people, an 8 track preview taken from the upcoming Maundz album Mr Nobody. The full album will be 17 tracks deep, so this is just a snippet of what to expect. Mr Nobody will drop May 7 and it will surely make a splash. Make sure you hold on to something when you hear the sampler or you may be blown away! We dropped the link for the free download of the track No Concern, if you missed that you can pick it up direct here. Alongside Maundz, guests include Verbal Kent (US), Shawn Lov (US), Fluent … Continue reading Maundz – Mr Nobody Album Sampler