Force The Remixes EP

This loose brief was sent out to a select few producers with the goal of creating a different vibe and approach to the eclectic sounds of the Force LP. Realizm from Adelaide, Aussie Ozborn from Brisbane, B Wiv from Melbourne and B-Side from Berlin were up the task.


Along for the ride is a new guest appearance from Aetcix and cuts from Melbourne Legend DJ FX. Throw in new artwork from Chad Mann of Third Half Design and a bonus track produced by B-Side and the Remix EP is ready to roll.

“Its like a reverse remix, usually things go from boom bap to something different but this is backwards. Make it more traditional”.

Available for free Download from HERE now!

1. Today ft Fraksha, Dialectrix & Sinks (Realizm Remix)
2. Haggis ft Sparts & Fluent Form (Aussie Ozborn Remix)
3. Rep What We Rep Ft Tommy Illfigga (Realizm Remix)
4. Snap Back Ft Deece & DJ FX (B-Side Remix)
5. Inner Dark (Aussie Ozborn Remix)
6. Strollin Ft Aetcix (B Wiv Remix)
7. The Pioneer (BONUS TRACK) Produced by B-Side

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