Force The Remixes EP

This loose brief was sent out to a select few producers with the goal of creating a different vibe and approach to the eclectic sounds of the Force LP. Realizm from Adelaide, Aussie Ozborn from Brisbane, B Wiv from Melbourne and B-Side from Berlin were up the task. Along for the ride is a new guest appearance from Aetcix and cuts from Melbourne Legend DJ FX. Throw in new artwork from Chad Mann of Third Half Design and a bonus track produced by B-Side and the Remix EP is ready to roll. “Its like a reverse remix, usually things go … Continue reading Force The Remixes EP

Maundz – Take It Back feat. Bias B

Maundz, the outspoken rascal of Melbourne’s rap-scene; has a heart of gold, a potty mouth, and an acid tongue. His second LP Zero, is the first release of 2012 from irrefutable hip hop collective Crate Cartel. Zero is a fast approaching sun on the horizon after what has been a long winter for Maundz fans. Featuring collaborative efforts from New York’s number one man of the moment Action Bronson, ARIA award winning Drapht, Golden Era’s Vents and Sesta, Melbourne kings Brad Strut and Bias B, and of course Crate Cartel. Revered by the likes of Hilltop Hoods and Drapht as the “next big thing”, Maundz has become highly respected by his underground and commercially established cohorts alike. The lead single Take … Continue reading Maundz – Take It Back feat. Bias B

Maundz – Take It Back Mixtape

Crate Cartel presents The Take It Back Mixtape, which marks the lead up to Maundz’s upcoming album Zero set for release on May 25th. Take a step back in time and listen to all the classic Maundz tracks including live radio show goodness, rare tracks, and the collaborative efforts from some of the scenes finest.   Take It Back has 22 monster tracks including the recently released track Take It Back feat. Bias B. The mixtape also features Fluent Form, Geko, Rave, Aetcix, Dialectrix, Fatty Phew Deece, Rigby, Force and Awbs. Take It Back also features production from Wik, Geko, Discource, … Continue reading Maundz – Take It Back Mixtape

Maundz – Take It Back feat. Bias B

This is the brand new film clip for Melbourne MC Maundz, the new track Take It Back is taken from the upcoming album titled Zero. Shot over a hot weekend in Preston Melbourne, the throw back clip features many notstalgic memories from back in the 90’s. The clip features a who’s who of local hip hop and is sure to get that head noddin’.  The clip is executed by Full Clip (Heata & Discourse). Additional skate photography by Andrew Dorny. Beat produced by WIK, mixed & mastered by Geko. Maundz – Zero will be out soon on Crate Cartel. Clip stars: Maundz, Bias B, WIK, Fluent … Continue reading Maundz – Take It Back feat. Bias B

Crate Cartel 2011 Wrap Up

In true Goatmob fashion, 2011 was just another year, of which the Cartel paid no attention to… As a result, they traveled everywhere from Brisbane to Perth, Fluent Form finished his third solo album, released it, and has already started his fourth…. Geko & Aetcix decided to release a collection of misguided recordings only to receive critical acclaim whilst Maundz is still working on his album entirely produced by WIK. That is when WIK isn’t being sought after by a plethora of other rappers. Raven has stayed true to his hermit ways after his late 20ten release and is writing up … Continue reading Crate Cartel 2011 Wrap Up

Kadyelle – Puppet Strings

Puppet Strings is the first single from Kadyelle’s new studio album, The Theory of Everything due for release in 2012. The track features SBX legends Dazastah, Optamus (of Downsyde),  Hunter & Porsah Laine, along with Perth’s beloved Soma and freshly WA-settled  veteran rapper from VIC, Thorts. The two-part single reps production from The Digital Assassin (formerly of Blades) and Rahjconkas.Vocals and ‘Rahjconkas Mix‘ beat mixed by Aetcix. Touted as being one of the most skillful females in the scene right now, after her solid debut release Earthworthy hit shelves in April 2010 (and later as a free download on Bandcamp). Kadyelle … Continue reading Kadyelle – Puppet Strings

Exclusive: Geko & Aetcix – GOATMOB ‘Flatline’ feat. Fatty Phew

‘GOATMOB’; Virtual socio-phobes, they are seldom seen at nightclubs, festivals or other communal shindigs. It is believed they spend most of their waking life underground, practising their primitive form of music and imbibing in strange herbs and potions. Emerging from the midst of Melbourne’s underground, the latest production from the illustrious Crate Cartel crew is Goatmob. Both emcees and producers respectively, the complimentary alliance that is Geko and Aetcix successfully combine their individual styles to bring this peculiarly alluring project to fruition. Goatmob reunites the duo again after collaborating on previous projects such as 2007’s Raw Four EP and the … Continue reading Exclusive: Geko & Aetcix – GOATMOB ‘Flatline’ feat. Fatty Phew