Crate Cartel 2011 Wrap Up

In true Goatmob fashion, 2011 was just another year, of which the Cartel paid no attention to… As a result, they traveled everywhere from Brisbane to Perth, Fluent Form finished his third solo album, released it, and has already started his fourth….

Geko & Aetcix decided to release a collection of misguided recordings only to receive critical acclaim whilst Maundz is still working on his album entirely produced by WIK. That is when WIK isn’t being sought after by a plethora of other rappers. Raven has stayed true to his hermit ways after his late 20ten release and is writing up an arsenal to release upon the public next year… and Discourse was most likely hiding behind a camera with Heata or the decks at a Cartel show for most of the year…


So in the words of EPMD, its business as usual from here on for the Crate Cartel and expect bigger and better things in the New Year… which includes the above brand new filmclip for the track Executioners

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