Gaz Hazard presents Lower 42nd Debut 7″ single

Brisbane’s premier home of hip hop music, Karsniogenics is proud to present “The Lower 42nd b/w A King”; the debut 7” single from GAZ HAZARD’s upcoming sophomore release ‘Welcome to Gullywood’. Produced by Sean B (The Statesmen, Kold Heat), The … Continue reading Gaz Hazard presents Lower 42nd Debut 7″ single

“98:Foundation” (Trailer)

In the late 2000’s Bias B approached Heata regarding an idea to make a local documentary about the release of his Beezwax LP from 1998. Together with Discourse they formed a film crew and began interviewing people regarding the early years and development of Australian Hip Hop pre the 2000’s. As more people were interviewed, the team started to realise that the project was bigger than the story of just one album. And so, the film took a different direction. This here is a Trailer cut from their interviews over time with original stock footage. “98:Foundation” is a very important … Continue reading “98:Foundation” (Trailer)

750 Rebels Kold Heat Video Series

“That’s the paper man, it’s not about the cash it’s about the A4”  – Lazy Grey. Karsniogenics & the 750 Rebels present Jake Biz, Lazy Grey & Djdcide. Three of Brisbane hip-hop’s finest underground artists comin’ correct with the long awaited latest installment from members of the infamous 750 Rebels, Kold Heat. Following on from the short film prequel to the album Kold Heat | Bring It To Ya City DVD released in late 2013, the crew are set to burn up ya sound system with this latest body of work. Because the guys are just so damn nice the first … Continue reading 750 Rebels Kold Heat Video Series

Tornts – Poison

Representing Melbourne with a street swagger only Tornts can bring to the table comes Poison. This is Tornts at his venomous best over an epic new Kharnivor beat. Accompanied by a another classic filmclip executed by Heata, this is a massive ramp up for Tornts in the lead up to a new album. Expect a new full-length LP later in 2013,  which will be released thru Broken Tooth Entertainment and distributed by Obese Distribution.   Twitter  ||  Facebook  ||  Purchase Continue reading Tornts – Poison

Catch Wreck

Every so often, an event comes along with the purpose of cementing itself a place in history. In a time where large showcases are usually catered towards the more mainstream listener, Matt Van Rooy and Catch Wreck have proudly assembled an impeccable line up of artists revered by Hip Hop aficionados and fans Australia wide. This is a night put on by the fans, for the fans. Underground royalty, of this phenomenal caliber have never appeared together in this capacity to perform on the same night. Until now, Get ready to Catch Wreck. Catch Wreck will feature the legendary Lazy Grey with … Continue reading Catch Wreck