Maundz – Take It Back feat. Bias B

This is the brand new film clip for Melbourne MC Maundz, the new track Take It Back is taken from the upcoming album titled Zero. Shot over a hot weekend in Preston Melbourne, the throw back clip features many notstalgic memories from back in the 90’s. The clip features a who’s who of local hip hop and is sure to get that head noddin’. 

The clip is executed by Full Clip (Heata & Discourse). Additional skate photography by Andrew Dorny. Beat produced by WIK, mixed & mastered by GekoMaundz – Zero will be out soon on Crate Cartel.

Clip stars: Maundz, Bias B, WIK, Fluent Form, Aetcix, Geko, Discourse, Raven, Bigfoot, Tornts, Sherrif Rosco, Nevs, Funky Jen, G Force, Alyson Murray, Briggs, Rob, Chenie, Hamish, Dorny, Cass Bowman, Deece, Royalz, Grega, Natasha, Chris Maunders (AKA Mini Maundz), Cyclone Rebecca, Sabina Turner, Howie, Rex Mundi CO, Deon Williams, Tim Barling, Haycha, Nath, Carson & Fraksha. 

Make sure you check out the whole animated GIF set over at Peak Street, posted in celebration of this release, truly classic stuff. 

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