Maundz – Take It Back Mixtape

Crate Cartel presents The Take It Back Mixtape, which marks the lead up to Maundz’s upcoming album Zero set for release on May 25th. Take a step back in time and listen to all the classic Maundz tracks including live radio show goodness, rare tracks, and the collaborative efforts from some of the scenes finest.


Take It Back has 22 monster tracks including the recently released track Take It Back feat. Bias B. The mixtape also features Fluent Form, Geko, Rave, Aetcix, Dialectrix, Fatty Phew Deece, Rigby, Force and Awbs. Take It Back also features production from Wik, Geko, Discource, Plutonic Lab, Alter Ego and Doc Savage

01. Blue Collar Scholar
02. Wild Wild West feat. Deece
03. Comin To Getcha feat. Fluent Form, Dialectrix & Rigby
04. Pink Shirts (Alter Ego Remix)
05. Melbourne (Live On 102.7 RRR Top Billin’)
06. Cake
07. Human Heads feat. Aetcix, Raven, Geko & Fatty Phew
08. Blue Murder feat. Geko
09. Locomotive feat. Fluent Form & Fatty Phew
10. Set Sounds
11. Cypher (Live On 102.7 RRR Top Billin’)
12. Drama
13. Anti Pop feat. Awbs
14. 50 Thumbs Up
15. Agent 99 (Doc Savage Remix)
16. CC Camora feat. Goatmob
17. Take It Back feat. Bias B
18. Duck Down feat. G Force & Deece
19. Spring Rolls
20. Rap Life feat. Bias B
21. Lazy Sunday feat. Fatty Phew & Deece
22. No Concern

The Maundz – Take It Back Mixtape was released through as a free download. You can grab it here.

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