Maggot Mouf – Runnin’ With Scissors

Born from a hazy laboratory, where the scent of stale weed smoke wafts among brown paper bags covering empty longnecks, and calloused thumbs clutch PlayStation controllers in interim… Maggot Mouf’s – Running With Scissors took its form. The album is an imaginative journey from start to finish, with dark undertones unwilling to succumb to the played-out battle style status-quo of Hip-Hop.

Honest, conceptual, topical, and often quite humorous, lyrics roll over both brooding and snappy arrangements to create the perfect Winter sound scape. After forming a bond after discovering a chemistry during the making of the You’re All Ears album (2010), Sammy Scissors and Maggot Mouf decided to go all in on this project. As Maggot Mouf says, “I quit my job to focus on this album and we’d have a studio session every fortnight. Sometimes I’d write two songs in one night, others we’d go through a Q and play PlayStation” – a remarkable work ethic indeed.

When questioned about the album, Maggot Mouf could express no truer words than “I’m no press cunt, I can’t even spell properly”. This is no bullshit, no fuck around, tell it like it is rap with a tongue-in-cheek twist that lends itself to some hard hitting topics.

The Mish is a candid presentation of the stressful upbringing and septic environment that Maggot Mouf grew from. Over an ominous Scissors arrangement, Maggot Mouf explores the current state of his life and how, through dumb luck, he’s risen out of the downward spiral that has surrounded his family and friends. Must lends his hands to the project with cuts on Crave, a clear standout on the album, that embodies the insatiable lust for cash to pay for rent, booze, floozies, and food.

Rigorous Recordings pass through on How We Spit, graced by the dexterous Scott Skillz, while Plarks The Fumble Tongue makes an energetic appearance on Runner. Dreamscape and F The W both feature an emerging talent in the form of Gutz. It’s track like these that show the synergy of real life brothers meeting over the Sammy Scissors backdrop. Also featuring the likes of Mata & Must, Kid Selzy andRetainer the album is sewn together with some final touches care of DJ’s Buick (3 x ACT DMC Champ) and DJ Paypercutts.

With Sammy Scissors’ daughter on the way, Maggot Mouf’s lack of employment, and both having a history of legal issues, the album speaks for the everyday person that is sick of all the mundane bullshit that life brings. In their world of uncertainty, the one thing that remains certain is Running With Scissors stands as a cut above the rest.

01. Intro
02. Raw
03. Immortal feat. DJ Paypercutts
04. Glory  feat. Mata & Must
05. How We Spit  feat. Scott Skills & DJ Buick
06. Haunted
07. Dreamscape  feat. Gutz
08. Up/Down
09. What U See  feat. Kid Selzy & Retainer
10. The Mish
11. Can’t Think Straight
12. Deadly Interlude
13. The Feast
14. F The W  feat. Gutz & Buick
15. Midnight Sesh
16. Crave  feat./ Must
17. Style  feat. DJ Buick
18. Runner  feat. Plarks the Fumble Tongue
19. Bragger

Available May 11, released by Broken Tooth Entertainment and distributed by Obese Records.

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