Kings Gambit – The Gambit EP

Kings Gambit is an independent MC hailing from Melbourne, having just released The Gambit EP. Featuring 6 raw tracks with production from Creed Birch, Eddy Extract, Dazastah, Chris Labs & Normalz, this ‘name your price‘ digital album is well worth the pick up. Stoned Cutters handle the all the cuts on the EP, with additional guitar by Eden Telea and James Gray (One Of A Million). Hard copies of the EP are available, you can pick up one of those where payment is for shipping costs only. You can grab one of those form the Kings Gambit Bandcamp page here. Kings Gambit  || … Continue reading Kings Gambit – The Gambit EP

Down For The Count Records presents – “Down For The Count” Label Album

The 1935 image taken from the infamous Max Baer vs Joe Louis personifies the first full length release from Down For The Count Records. A surprise attack from the newly formed crew consisting of Dazed, Mol1, Sinks, Sparts and Force, Down For The Count is overflowing with a passion, drive and respect for the genre that lately seems to have gone to the wayside. Sixteen tracks deep and featuring in house production from Dazed combined with heaters from B Wiv, Chris Labs, Double Digits, Shroomz, Alabama, Bipola, Rotten Produce, Flash Forest and Chris Labs has allowed each emcee to craft … Continue reading Down For The Count Records presents – “Down For The Count” Label Album