The 93 Mixtape (mixed by Dazed) – A Peak Street x DFTC Project

In Peak Street’ Magazine’s humble, yet godddam correct, opinion – 1993 was a vintage year for hip hop. 36 Chambers, Doggystyle, Midnight Marauders, 93 Til Infinity, Bacdafuccup, Slaughtahouse, Black Sunday, Lethal Injection, Return of the Boom Bap, Enta Da Stage and Buhloone Mind State are just a hint of the classic albums which hit speakers in the nine-trey. Timeless music.

To pay homage to this most awesome of hip hop years, Peak Street put a call out to all Australian MC’s to drop some bars over some classic beats from the year 1993 for a mixtape. All heads had to do was track down an instrumental to one of their favourite joints that was dropped in that year and then lay down some bars worthy of it.

Some of the finest lyricists, both established and underground, answered the call with a huge number of tracks being submitted. After much careful deliberation from a panel of esteemed judges consisting of Chad Mann (Peak Street Designer), Ronan Hamill (Hippopotamus Rex Radio Presenter), Jim Steps (blogger from and Shane Scott (Hip Hop journalist), the Peak Street Editor disregarded all their advice, gave the dopest tracks to Dazed to go and mix and then fled to Cambodia to meet Pegz and start a south-east Asian drug syndicate.

This new career move didn’t quite pan out though so months later he has returned and teamed up with Down For the Count Records to drop the best mixtape of this year.

1. Tommy Illfigga – Back On Track
2. Dialect & Motion – Reign Of The Tec
3. Syntax – Chief Rocka
4. Hau – Let ‘Em Know
5. Defyre – Slammin’
6. Baptist – Nothin’ Ta Fuck Wit’
7. Deece – Ghetto Bird
8. Autism, Fatty Phew, Fraksha & Scotty Hinds – The Funky Child
9. Prophet Rayza – That’s When Ya Lost
10. APHSUB – Hip-Hop Hooray
11. Raven & Myk Reid – Lyrical Killa
12. Tornts – Spitters Are Low
13. Slats – Not With A G
14. Choose Mics – In The ‘93
15. LSD & Rob Shaker – En Focus Remix
16. Conseps – Dolly My Baby
17. GOATMOB – I Want To Get High
18. Nymphlow & Fevapres – Old Ways
19. Young Lean – Hope You’re Happy
20. Maundz, Discourse, Wansix & Fluent Form – 93 Like
21. 27 Politics – Devils Lung
22. DFTC – Aint Goin Out Like That
23. Koolta – Out Here Pt. 2
24. Hunter – 93 Till Sooner


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