Ghosts In the Room

Canberra producer Ghosts In The Room unleash his debut production album. Having assembled a team of Australia and America’s finest, this release will be sure to surprise listeners with its diverse soundtrack of soulful, dark and often unexpected collaborations.

In Its Your Life – Ghosts In The Room has teamed up with one time Dr Dre portage Bishop Lamont, Briggs and Armageddon for an inspirational track to motivate its listeners.

In Where I Come From the legendary Kool G Rap teams up with battle rappers Iron Solomon, Okwerdz and 360 who makes a return to his hip hop roots. In Timeless New York group Timeless Truth team up with Maundz who delivers a classic verse proving again that he is one of Australia’s best MCs. The album also features tracks with Chaundon, Newsense, NJE, Solomon Childs, Unda Dwella, Amor Jones, Omar Musa, Joe New, Mr Fab, Big Pooh, Prime, Has-Lo, Block Mccloud, Tornts, Fluent Form, Havoc (Mobb Deep), Willis, Cheap Sober and Dribbles. Ghosts In The Room drops September 14. 

Track Listing
Ghosts In The Room (Intro) – Chaundon
Flow Motion – Timeless Truth & Newsense
Its Your Life – Bishop Lamont, Briggs & Armageddon
The City – Kool G Rap, Nje, Solomon Childs & Unda Dwella
The Way It Use To Be – Amor Jones, Chaundon & Nje
Home (Interlude) – Omar Musa
Where I Come From – Iron Solomon, Kool G Rap, Okwerdz & 360
Timeless – Timeless Truth & Maundz
City Of Gold – Joe New
Live Your Life – Mr Fab, Big Pooh & Prime
My Gun – Has-Lo
The Night Hides Shadows (Interlude) – Omar Musa
Dark Streets – Block Mccloud & Tornts
Out Of Sync (Xanax Rap) – Fluent Form
All About You – Havoc, Willis, Cheap Sober & Dribbles
Feel – Cheap Sober
A Feeling (Outro) – Omar Musa

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