Drakezilla – Red Head Redemption

Drakezilla is a prehistoric creature that mutated due to atomic radiation and rose from the depths of the sea to make hot jams with his Atomic Breath… and stomp cities. He has just released a free new banging album titled Red Head Redemption, which is available for free download. 

Red Head Redemption features production from Trials (Funkoars), Sammsonite (The Optimen), Engineer, Mdusu, Mules + more. Guests include Smiles Again (Mind Over Matter), Syntax and Johnny Utah.

Filmed by Geordie Tarren – Directed & Edited by Drakezilla 

01 Introview (produced by Drakezilla)

02 Redhead Redemption (produced by Mules)
03 All The Time (produced by Ash Pope)
04 Beware The Man (produced by Drakezilla)
05 Tour ft. Johnny Utah & Syntax (produced by Sammsonite)
06 Watch Out [Interlude] (produced by Drakezilla)
07 Stomp Cities (produced by Mac Lethal)
08 Here We Go (produced by Vince Vega)
09 Secret Agent (produced by Drakezilla)
10 Ode To Cowbell (produced by Trials)
11 What They Want (produced by Drakezilla)
12 Out Of My Head [Interlude] (produced by Drakezilla)
13 Chasing A Dream ft. Smiles Again (produced by Mdusu)
14 I Look Down (produced by Trials)
15 Beautiful Day ft. The Tongue, Mdusu & Ernst Carter Jnr (produced by Mdusu)
16 All The Time [Remix] (produced by Ash Pope)

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