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By now, it’s safe to say that Seth Sentry is a people-person. His success has been by way of fans, and in the increasingly-divided Australian hip hop scene, he’s respected by all corners. Undoubtedly, a lot of this is owed to the guy’s skills as an MC. He writes great stuff and delivers it like a champ. But a lot of it comes down to the fact that, as a guy, Seth Sentry isn’t caught up in a whole mess of bullshit.

While a garden-variety MC’s mandatory shtick is to state, over and over again, who they are and who they ain’t; Seth’s journey has been more ‘who am I?’ Rather than tell tales of his own fictitious legend, he looks out at the world and reports back on what he sees. People, places, experiences… from one observer’s perspective.

My Scene – the first single from Seth’s highly-anticipated debut album – is the perfect case in point. Humorously and light-heartedly (because not everything needs to be the darkest thing that ever existed) Seth steers us through scenarios that reiterate his outlook on life… that any scene you can find has enough cool people in it to make for a worthwhile visit now and again, but some people just aren’t meant for permanent residence in any one scene. No single lifestyle or ethos can sum up an entire person. Without any attempt at being so, My Scene is a declaration of independent thought. A kind of ‘live and let live’ thing.

With a witty turn-of-phrase, a hypnotic vocal tone and an ear for a head-nodding beat; Seth Sentry’s signature sound is all over My Scene. First rising to prominence when triple j Unearthed his debut track The Waitress Song, Seth Sentry’s place in the Australian music landscape became solidified when listeners began bombarding the station with requests to play The Waitress Song. It had connected with people in a big way, eventually placing at number 31 on that year’s coveted Hottest 100. Seth and brother-in-arms Pez ventured out on a 31 date national tour, and so began a new name in local hip hop. As a taste of the album to come, My Scene is but one flavour of many. As a first bite, though, it’s one that says a lot about the guy in the kitchen.

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