Tricksta – The War’s Awaiting EP

Hailing out of Brisbane the dynamic and energetic MC Tricksta, is proud to announce the release of his debut E.P. The War’s Awaiting. Packed with funky instrumentals to get even the most placid of heads nodding, The War’s Awaiting delivers punches with Tricksta’s uncanny sense of humor, combined with his trademark no bullshit attitude.

The War’s Awaiting encapsulates Tricksta’s ability to deliver raw truth whilst entertaining the listener through a his unique views and rare insight all wrapped up with its brutal honesty, edgy punches and sharp cuts provided by DJ Oldmate and Darth Fader.

Inspired by the likes of Lazy Grey, 750 Rebels, Braintax and Jehst, or ‘anyone with a valid opinion and a backbone’ (as Tricksta puts it). With his original flow juiced in with his love of Parliament Funkadelic’s outer-limit experimental electronica, Tricksta’s hip hop makes for a complete package of new age design.

All beats and production on the EP were supplied by Mizari and Ghosty (Downplay Productions), recorded and mixed at Strumpet Studios by Boomtown sound engineer Tristan Pearson (Clockwork Records).

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