Stateovmind – Better Than Postcards

Stateovmind returns with his new EP Better Than Postcards (BTP), the follow up to his well-received debut Something for Nothing. BTP quite literally picks up where his debut left off, as only days after finishing his first EP, Stateovmind took off backpacking around Europe much like many other first time travelling Australians.


While away, Stateovmind linked up with European based beatmakers and emcee’s, gathered some beats, collaborated with some great artists and had many unforgettable experiences. 4 months and 14 countries later, the new 8-track EP is the final result, mixing descriptive language, a booming soundscape and hypnotic harmonies.

The lead single Picture This is complimented with a colorful and emotive video clip, put together by highly regarded photographer Rush (Rush Photography).

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