Young, Gifted and Broke – The Grey Tape

In a time when music sales are thriving and every kid has a walkman it makes perfect sense that Young, Gifted and Broke are releasing a cassette tape. Featuring work from Home Brew, @Peace, Christoph El Truento, Haz Beats, Side Steps Quintet and countless other people you’ve never heard of, owning this tape will make you the baby Jesus of hipsters.

What’s cooler than music you can’t physically listen to? The tape has already sold double platinum in Auckland (24 copies) and is now available in Australia. This is the best thing since Jimmy Barnes. To celebrate the release, YG&B held showcases at Sydney’s Civic Underground and Melbourne’s The Espy featuring performances from Home Brew, Lui T (@Peace), Lucky Lance (Team Dynamite) and more.

Download The Grey Tape here.