Work-Shop: Hitch-hikers guide to Lyricism with Tom Scott

Thursday May 28th, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm Fitzroy For one night only – join us in the Work-Shop Lab for 4 hours of lyrical exploration with Tom Scott (@Peace, HomeBrew Crew). You’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of the lyrical craft – such as syncopation, time signature and multi syllabic rhyme schemes, through to the more abstract parts of the art form, such as improvisation, feel and the role of the sub-conscious within music. The Lab (a purpose-built DIY recording studio) built by Tom himself will be where your lyrics come to life – you’ll get to record your … Continue reading Work-Shop: Hitch-hikers guide to Lyricism with Tom Scott

@Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony Live at The Espy

Hailing from NZ and the Young Gifted & Broke collective which also features the likes of Home Brew and Team Dynamite, @Peace bring their brand new album to Melbourne with an exclusive show at The Espy in St.Kilda. Five dudes that can’t shave who spent the majority of science class in the dean’s office have come together to make an album about determinism, singularity and other things they don’t know how to spell. Their first EP was about monoism or some hippie shit like that, then they did a whole load of broken ass love songs about polygamy. They must … Continue reading @Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony Live at The Espy

Home Brew @ The Basement

Fresh from touring across Australia with Horrorshow, New Zealand’s Home Brew will perform their own headline show in Sydney, at The Basement. Despite what people might tell you about Home Brew being burdens on society, or advocates for drug dependency, you’ve got to respect the integrity of their independence and the diligence of their work ethic. Home Brew launched their self-titled double album (the first Hip Hop album to debut at #1 in NZ since 2003) by throwing a 48-hour party in an old brothel, had their controversial Auckland pop-up store closed down early, and toured the carnage around NZ and … Continue reading Home Brew @ The Basement

P-Money – Gratitude Australasian Tour

With his new album Gratitude coming out on May 17, P-Money is pleased to announce a series of Australasian tour dates in celebration of the highly anticipated release.  Joined by Duck Down Music label mate David Dallas as well as special guests for shows in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, alongside Australian shows in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, P-Money is set to take Gratitude directly to the fans, while David Dallas will be previewing new material off his own forth-coming album. In the lead up to the May 17 album drop, P-Money has been releasing some of the album’s tracks for free on with the latest single The … Continue reading P-Money – Gratitude Australasian Tour

P-Money – Gratitude

With the release of his highly anticipated new album Gratitude a month away, P-Money has revealed the album artwork and track listing, also announcing an all-star line-up of featured artists. Having recently signed a deal with Duck Down Music US, P-Money has made use of his label mates with Talib Kweli, Buckshot and Skyzoo all making an appearance on the album. You can also expect to hear from Havoc (of Mobb Deep), Freddie Gibbs, M.O.P., Fashawn, Roc Marciano, Nicole Wray, Jamall Bufford (formerly Buff1), STS, Monsta G, Blaison Maven and Pac Div. Bringing it back to God’s own, the album … Continue reading P-Money – Gratitude

Young, Gifted and Broke – The Grey Tape

In a time when music sales are thriving and every kid has a walkman it makes perfect sense that Young, Gifted and Broke are releasing a cassette tape. Featuring work from Home Brew, @Peace, Christoph El Truento, Haz Beats, Side Steps Quintet and countless other people you’ve never heard of, owning this tape will make you the baby Jesus of hipsters. What’s cooler than music you can’t physically listen to? The tape has already sold double platinum in Auckland (24 copies) and is now available in Australia. This is the best thing since Jimmy Barnes. To celebrate the release, YG&B held … Continue reading Young, Gifted and Broke – The Grey Tape