Work-Shop: Hitch-hikers guide to Lyricism with Tom Scott

Thursday May 28th, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm Fitzroy

For one night only – join us in the Work-Shop Lab for 4 hours of lyrical exploration with Tom Scott (@Peace, HomeBrew Crew).


You’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of the lyrical craft – such as syncopation, time signature and multi syllabic rhyme schemes, through to the more abstract parts of the art form, such as improvisation, feel and the role of the sub-conscious within music.

The Lab (a purpose-built DIY recording studio) built by Tom himself will be where your lyrics come to life – you’ll get to record your own track and we’ll even send you a copy afterwards (just don’t forget about us when you’re famous, right?) There’ll be refreshments throughout the night (the type that get the creative juices flowing) and pizzas all round.

While we can’t promise you’ll be the next Kendrick Lamar, you’ll definitely walk away with a better understanding of some important aspects of the art form and learn some valuable insights and ideas that Tom has picked up on his lyrical travels.

We’ve got a limited number of discounted tickets for AAHH followers – just enter the code YOUNGGIFTEDANDBROKE when checking out and we’ll give you 25% off your ticket!

Grab your ticket here.

Please note – this is an 18+ event. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.