Crixus – Throwaways Vol. 3

The third in the Throwaways series, Volume 3 is a collection of the thoughts you’d hear inside thehead of Tasmanian MC/Producer, Crixus, on any given day. The influences are obvious, the subject matter reads like a run sheet of a mans daily life, his morning, his day job, his environment, his habits and tendencies, his perspective, his lunch.

With this in mind, the lyrics cover a lot of ground, the angst of Antisocial Butterfly v2.0, the sad regret of Part(l)y Over Her(e), the empathy of It’s Alright, the social commentary hidden in playby-play commentary of Every Day is Every Day and Drinkin’ Again, the devotion to fried chicken of Bus Mall ChickenThe music is equally as diverse, from the rock infused sounds of Hangman, to the analog synth work on The Soul of Space, the digital synth work on It’s Funny Lookin’, to the dusty loops of Stephen Walker and A Strife Aquatic. It is a collection of samples (mostly drum breaks) alongside Crixus‘ live instrumentation, treated as samples.

With everything handled by Crixus himself (with the exception of a cameo from JP of Melbourne’s High Society on Stephen Walker) all writing, production, recording, mixing, art is a direct reflection on the inner workings of the Tasmanian wordsmith. Available as a free downloadable digital release only in the lead up to the Prototypecast 12‚ EP (for release in December 2012), Throwaways Vol. 3 manages to simultaneously be an extension and evolution of, and a separation from, the two previous Throwaways releases. Check it out.

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