Prime 2011 Wrap Up

2011 was a spectacular year for Prime. Good Morning, call it a mixtape if you dare, was released with a collection of all-original material (save for three beats) but was crafted and structured as lovingly as any album in your collection. The fact that it was made available for free download was simply a bonus. 

Prime’s unprecedented approach to fan engagement in 2011 has been his success – his habit of giving away original, album-quality material to a burgeoning listener base via social media, one heartfelt, hard-hitting track at a time. Many of these tracks, like Devilish, have become the stuff of Internet legend; others, like Tunguska, have even gone on to national radio airplay. The Good Morning mixtape was released with an original piece of cover art for every track.

2011 saw a video clip released for the self-realisation anthem Restore My Faith, with Prime appearing on labelmate 360’s recent Falling & Flying tour.

Not content on just working on his own material, Prime teamed up with 360 for a track on his Stand The Fuck Up Mixtape and also with South Australian emcee/producer and Hilltop Hoods Initiative winner Koolta for the track on his The Forked Road Mixtape with DJ PT. 2012 is set to be Prime’s year we recommend you keep an eye out.

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