Brisbane, what the fuck is in your water?

Fundamental Elements release The Prerequisite on Clockwork Records


Brisbane, what the fuck is in your water?

It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a moment now. As a whole, the Hip Hop scene in Australia has always prided themselves on ‘staying true to the art’. Whatever your interpretation of that broad sweeping statement may be. If we take a closer look, there are few cities that embody that ethos perfectly. Some would argue none more so than Brisbane.

The hip hop coming out of Brisbane lately has been outstanding. It continues to rate as some of the best underground hip hop from around the country. Artists such as the Hilltop Hoods Initiative winner I AM D, Verbill, Def Man Walking, Dwizofoz, Exit Strategy, Rezadent, Koz, Nuggy G, and more continue to build upon quality drops and we’re not even scratching the surface here. Another crew from B-Town doing big, big things is the Fundamental Elements outfit. 

Comprised of emcees Species and Pleura, the two have always shared the vision of putting boom bap back to the forefront of a genre that at times, has “lost focus” here in Australia. Their latest release comes in the form of a 6 track EP titled The Prerequisite. Let us tell you right now, this one has landed right on the money. With the lead single and title track first coming to light a month or so ago, it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for the Brisbane locals.

The newly released single dropped alongside a classically styled hip hop clip, raw and gritty. Production on the album is straight up head nodding shit, in it’s purist form. Don’t expect some electronic wankery with a vibed out emcee, eyes barley open. This is that 100% boom bap shit.

This can’t be brought, yeah it must be earned,
and it can’t be tought but it can be learned
if you want the spot better wait your turn
if you rock with the gimmick then you will get burnt.

Yo this can’t be brought, yeah it must be earned,
and it can’t be fought but it can be learned
if you play the sport with the uniform
if you conform to the norm then y’all been warned.

The Fundamental Elements have continued with their mission, combining killer rhymes and dope samples, woven seamlessly throughout heavy drums, snares & claps, all sealed off with those deadly cuts. Rhymes from Species and Pluera are as tight as you’d expect, we could forgive you for thinking these two are veterans in the game.

Topics are braggadocio, honest and in your face, there’s no Gucci Bars here. With track names such as Y’all Been Warned, 6 Feet Deep and The Sickness expect some neck snapping bars. Features on the album have been kept to a minimum with Nuggy Gee, Insideous & DJ Upryt appearing only on the last track of the album.

So, has Brisbane been doing something different to the rest of the cities around Australia? As outsiders we can only take a look at the evidence before us and that evidence leads us straight back to Brisbane’s originators. What knowledge, skills or practices did these predecessors pass on to the younger generations that other cities may have not?

A quick look around Australia and one thing is clear. Many of the scenes older more established artists have now reached commercial success. They have firmly left the underground and it’s strict ethics behind. Brisbane could be considered an exception to this fact.

Brisbane’s pioneer artists including Lazy Grey, The Optimen, Tommy Illfigga, Jake Biz, and more have always remained true to the underground and it’s expected standards. To this day many of these artists are still dropping quality music and rocking shows as hard as anyone going around. This continued pride in the underground has set a brilliant example to the younger and up and coming artists from Brisbane.

The lesson, be yourself and the rest will happen on it’s own. Don’t compromise your music for anyone… anyone!! You can pick up Fundamental Elements The Prerequisite on vinyl, CD and digital release by following the links below.

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