Review: Dr. Flea – Keep On Moving EP

Keep On Moving is the debut EP from Dr. Flea, one of Broken Tooth Entertainment’s latest signees. Dr. Flea first burst onto the scene through spitting bars at grime nights, raves, and local cyphers. He represents a fresh and youthful approach to music, that appeals across genres and strays from the conservative approach to Hip Hop. The 9 track EP features production from Ciecmate, Kharnivor, Pyrex & Shookz, Juve, P.R., Bottega Beretta and MKC. Emcees on the album include Spit Gemz, Dr. Flea’s brother Tom Farfall, LaLa, Flowz, and Diem

Dr Flea - Keep On Moving

Keep On Moving opens with a smooth boom bap styled track produced by fellow BTE head Ciecmate which is titled Believe. The track features a reworked sample of British experimental post jazz five piece, Polar Bears and their track You. Dr. Flea’s up tempo style contrasts perfectly against the Ciecmate production and the deep face scrunching bass strings throughout. Believe sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The lead single from the EP of the same name, Keep On Moving is a reflective track that has Dr. Flea rapping about the concept of life and death and how that affects both him and his family. Keep On Moving is an unexpected journey that highlights the depth and dynamic style of this talented young emcee. Spit Gemz & Ciecmate join Dr. Flea on the Pyrez & Shookz produced track titled Reflections. A flip on the last tracks topic of moving forward, Dr. Flea takes a moment to look back. Ciecmate is pin point  perfect with his verse that rounds out this monster joint.

My Medicine is as much of a tale of love as it is a tale of caution. Juve drops a classic soulful bass driven beat that provides the perfect backdrop to this unfolding relationship. One of our favourite  tracks from the EP. The next track, For The Love is an undeniable statement from a rapper doing it all for the love of the game. Dr. Flea’s brother Tom Farfalla provides a soul fuelled hook on top of a P.R. produced gem, adding further to this surprisingly diverse styled album. Bottega Beretta provides an absolute banger on Two Steps Back, designed perfectly for Dr. Flea to go in hard. The doctor warns of serve head nodding and possible injury.

City Lights feat. LaLa on the hook is produced by Kharnivor, an off beat boom bap styled track laced with classic claps, piano chops and a worked guitar rift that bends in and out of Dr. Flea’s rap stylings. Dr Flea ties out his Keep On Moving EP with the tracks Home & LandmineHome is a track born on the disparaging streets of Melbourne featuring Flowz and production from Pyrex. This track is dirty, on edge and ready to swallow you whole. The last track on the album features heavy hitter Diem, ridding out a killer MKC produced EDM influenced grime beat. Both MC’s deliver stellar verses to say the least. This is one of those that have to be played loud… ya know?

Keep On Moving is a cracking debut for Dr. Flea and the BTE label. Keep On Moving is a dynamic album with strong cohesive production throughout and raps that will blow you out of the water. We were set back with the tone of the overall album, half expecting 9 braggadocio styled rap tracks. Instead, Dr. Flea has presented an album that shows signs of big things to come, you could say he’s reached a level of maturity with his art, but that sounds wanky as fuck. Let’s go with Dr. Flea is fucking ready to take what’s his.

You can cop Dr. Flea – Keep On Moving EP for a minuscule $10, well worth it in our eyes.

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