Theory Of Face – Demz Sqidz EP Review

At some point during 2010 the words Theory Of Face rippled throughout the community, it wasn’t long before those few words became associated with mentions of a master DJ, teaming up with a powerhouse of rhyme and production…..Cunts got scared and rightfully so.

It wasn’t until the guys over at Ironlak released their brand new Reload Cans, late last year, that the public truly became aware of the dangerousness they were facing. With the cover artwork produced by gaff artist Sofles, you could be confused into thinking that this release has something to do with graff…..don’t be fooled. Having shelved the alcohol for this release, Demz Sqidz is the pot smoking love child to Adfu’s (Adroit Effusive), and Trials (Funkoars) brand new exploration in the world of hip hop infused psycadellica, born from their  common love of stoner rock and spontaneity. The track that lead this wave of  banging drums and hip hop drenched in dirty guitar riffs was Cambodian Rock, one of the 6 murderous tracks you’ll find on this exceptional EP.

“We’re still pretty much just stumbling our way through learning our instruments at the moment so everything you hear under that banner is the bastard child produced at each session, start to finish, wrap up in a day and hopefully capture the moisty magic type shit”. – Trials

Don’t go into this album expecting slouch-ish production, cliche cuts or rhymes that sound like they were written by your average mid-day rapping stoner. The production here is first class. Adfu destroys the wax with devastating cuts and Trials hits the mic like a mad man sex addict, fapping off to Kate Miller-Heidke.  The guys really have brought things to a whole new playing field with the Demz Sqidz release, its undeniably tasty music. Demz Sqidz sounds evil, full of feedback, panic, mania and we are completely sure what type of music you’d call it, but people are going crazy for it!! Be prepared to be annihilated with you first hit, sit down roll up a fatty and start Facing the fuck out!!!

Theory Of Face serves up 8 out of 8 Sqidz legz for this one.


You can purchase a Theory Of Face – Demz Sqidz right here.

De Piyp
More Dangerous (Sqidz)
Hello Darkness (My Old Friend)
Frankie (Goes To Bollywood)
Face Is Back (To Kill)
Cambodian Rock (Reload)

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