Kanye West Yeezus Tour Adelaide Review

Adelaide Turnt UP! The Kanye West Yeezus tour landed in Adelaide last night. We can forgive you if you are still dazed from all the ‘flashing lights’, the symbolic references and don’t forget the talk of Fashion Week, but it really was something quite special.


With an epic opening that was pre-luded by a barrage of Star Wars theme music, Yeezus rose from underneath the stage with a thick cloud of smoke. A single beam of light shone from the roof, which seemed to herald his arrival. The rapper was decked out in an eagle singlet, leather pants, a thick gold chain and of course, the trademark Margiela mask encrusted with Swarovski crystals. His lovely wife, Kim Kardashian was watching on from the back of the arena.

Yezzy kicked things off with On Site, which was quickly followed by the crunching Yeezus LP single, Black Skinhead. The whole arena was drenched in red lights. As a giant double-sided LED screen appeared to rise up from the bowls of the stadium, silhouetting Kanye’s familiar stature.

Kanye’s creative house DONDA, who were responsible for the production of the show, have conceptualised the embodiment of what makes Kanye West, Kanye West. The show reflected every bit of his deserved arrogance, brilliance and creative genius. Did we just write genius… It really was a good show.

The arrogance continued with a bold performance of New Slaves. Kanye lead the crowd in a chant “There’s leaders and there’s followers, but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower”. Eventually, and appropriately Kanye only repeated the line “There’s leaders“, leaving the crowd to be the ‘followers’. This is what we love about Kanye though, the narcissism, the pomp, the big headedness. The great music.


Soon Kanye was asking the crowd to “Make circles. When that beat drops, I wan’t y’all to be running everywhere”. This became the first of maybe 4 performances of the Blood On The Leaves for the night. The 4th was obviously the most spectacular. Was this Kanye’s original plan, or was Kanye’s perfectionism  or creative energy coming into play? Either way, we could have went a 5th round.

What would a Yeezus show be without the obligatory rant? After bringing out a beat-pad and banging out some notes, Kanye launched into a talk (say rant) about ‘visionaries’. The crowd was onboard the whole time, unlike other cities around America where he has reportedly booed for this behaviour. After discussing Fashion Week, his favourite designers and his greatest creation (Hint: Compass). Kanye left us with the mind-bending thought, that “the meaning of life, is life itself”. Take that Bob Geldof.


Other tracks performed on the night included Gold Digger, Touch the Sky, Diamonds From Sierra Leone, All Of The Lights, Power, Jesus Walks and many more Kanye classic’s. Some of these tracks have been reworked to fit in with the pace and style of the show, reflecting Kanye’s vision as an entertainer and performer. Throughout the show he was constantly engaged with the audience, and became quite casual with his interactions as the show progressed.

With all the hate and jokes that fly Kanye’s way, there’s no doubting that he really is a superstar of a performer. Yes, he has an ego as big as Kim’s behind, but for the moment we’re ok with that. The Yeezus show, was one of the most visually stunning concerts we’ve been to in a very long time. You can still get tickets to the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane shows, we highly advise you do! Get tickets by following the link below. 

Remaining Tour Dates:
Tue 9 & Wed 10 Sep – Melbourne
Rod Laver Arena

Fri 12 & Sat 13 Sep – Sydney
Qantas Credit Union Arena

Mon 15 Sep – Brisbane
Brisbane Entertainment Centre

You can purchase tickets by following the link here.