Review: Juñor weGOTthis

A brand new track landed on our desks last month from the R.E.A.L Music Families artist Juñor. Juñor is an up and coming emcee/producer and DJ hailing from Melbourne. His brand new track titled weGOTthis is an absolute burner.


Drawing inspirations from artists such as Kid Cudi, Flatbush Zombies, JMSN and DJ Shadow, Juñor fucks with a vibey landscape, seamlessly blending reality and dreams into a singular landscape. weGOTthis is a track reinforced by it’s themes and concepts, a song about believing we’ll achieve our dreams and over come obstacles in our path.

All this written under the guise of a love song. As Juñor puts it “…for me, my art is my love and (this track) might’ve also coincided with a time where I had caught some lovely feelings”.

It’s not all dreams fulfilled and love stories though, we pick up a strong undercurrent of conflict found within the track. The lyrics and beat come together in non-conventional way, forming a rigid structure for Juñor’s bouncy lyrics to cascade from.

There’s moments in weGOTthis where you’ll find yourself clinging to one of the many intricate beat segments. This is an exciting track for Juñor and a strong indication that we’ll see him leave his creative mark on the local hip hop scene. Be sure to keep an eye on Juñor and if you want, request weGOTthis on triple j now.