These are The Ansah Brothers

The Ansah Brothers, consist of rappers and brothers Genesis Owusu & Citizen Kay. They have both been great music lovers from young ages. The two brothers, Kay & Genesis pursue quite different hip hop careers but joined forces after a spontaneous collaboration on a song which came to be known as ‘Ansah Brothers’ & since then, they decided to form the duo.


Genesis Owusu, Kay’s younger brother, has always had a way with words – has always been ahead of his age with his lyrical content, flow and all in all, the way he constructs his sentences.

A lot of the time he speaks/raps in a way that forces the audience to really listen and think to be able to fully grasp the true/full essence of his lyrics. Genesis brings a dark yet slick feel to the duo. Both artists are at a maturity level so naturally harnessed that it can take rappers years to grasp.

Citizen Kay has always been more of the up-energy and probably “less mature” brother. He sees his style of rapping in more of a versatile sense and on the most part keeps his content reasonably straight forward using less metaphors and hidden messages than his brother in an effort to get his message across right off the bat. Although Genesis contributes to production, Kay usually leads the production side of things.

Together they manage to bring a style of hip hop that is desperately needed, especially to the Australian scene (where they live), a style that is engaging in its energy, delivery and its lyricism. They have big international ambitions as well but for now take it one step at a time while they continue growing individually as artists and also a team.

The Polaroid Mixtape out soon!

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