Ponch The Dutch and Jimmy Flipshyt The Escape EP

Ponch The Dutch and Jimmy Flipshyt are at it again. Prepare for the worst as they plan their escape from the confinement layered upon them by the mainstream.


When Ponch and Jimmy released “Sometimes” in 2012 it was always going to be a one-off single. It was a fun project but they both had other plans. Two years later a random invitation for Ponch to play at a Halloween live music event in Cairns. The boys had a gig locked in but no songs to play. The duo ended up crafting a handful of songs just for this event. After the gig they locked in some studio time and started recording. The results of these sessions have now been released as an EP: The Escape.

The Escape EP features 5 ruff rugged boom bap bangers. Featuring Ponch’s tongue in cheek grimy flows contrasted perfectly against the jabby rhythms of Jimmy Flipshyts beats, delivering a progressive sound whilst maintaining true to the boom bap roots that the North Queensland label is know for.

The Escape EP is available now by following the link below.

Beat Basement Records  ||  Download