Lucky Luke 1Day

Joseph Luke Dargan aka Lucky Luke is an Aboriginal man of the Waanyi, Mitakoodi, Ringa Ringa and Kalkadoon tribal groups. He was born in Cloncurry in North West Queensland, and currently lives and works in Mount Isa in Youth and Community Service roles.


Lucky Luke started his obsession with hip hop as a fan at a very young age, and then transitioned to freestyling at parties and putting up free mixtapes and youtube videos. Luke has refined his craft over the past 18 months, and with the help of Joe Ave (The Winnie Coopers, Born Fresh, Eloquence and Truths) and engineer/producer James Damian Angus (I AM D, The High Grade) released his debut album Which Way on March 24th.

The album features production from local heavyweights like Rahjconkas, some of Lucky Luke’s family, like Sister Girl on the Beat and a variety of producers from all over the globe. From classic boom bap to new wave/trap sounds, Lucky Luke’s beat selection is as diverse and complex as the stories in his lyrics.

Lucky Luke has already caught the attention of radio, with Sky’s The Limit receiving airplay on Indigenous community stations across Australia. The first official single 1Day has been receiving airplay on triple j, and Lucky Luke has been named Unearthed Spotlight Artist.

Lucky Luke – Whichway is journey not to be missed.

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