Thundamentals So We Can Remember Review

Today, Thundamentals release their hotly anticipated 3rd LP, So We Can Remember and it’s an absolute beauty. The crew have delivered numerous singles over the past few months, all receiving a mammoth response from fans and newcomers alike. The first single Smiles Don’t Lie, debuted at #5 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts, and captivated fans who voted the ‘love’ song into position #32 in triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown. This was the highest spot reached by a local hip hop track for the entire year and the Thundas second appearance in the nationally celebrated radio event. 


The second single Something I Said feat. Thom Crawford debuted at #3 on the iTunes hip hop charts, it was also the #1 Most Viral Track on Spotify and #2 Most Played Track on triple j in the week of release. The award-winning Tarantino-esque clip for Smiles Don’t Lie has received even more YouTube love, rapidly busting the half-a-milly view mark, with over 60,000 in the last week alone.

After an impressive sophomore album release in the form of Foreverlution, we expected massive things from the new LP… The Thundacats have not let us down. 

So We Can Remember is a forward-looking, contemporary, emotive and tenacious LP. It combines elements of experimentally and that classic hip hop modus operandi we all love. Thundamentals have dispatched an album that explores innovative production styles, uniquely original arrangements and of course lava hot rhymes. DJ Morgs takes the lead on the production front with help from long-time collaborator Kevin Kerr aka Poncho. This unique combination has resulted in a sound scape swarming with boldness, brilliance and style. 

Themes on the album are numerous, as they are layered. The content and raps on the album are heavy enough for the experienced hip hop enthusiast, offering many repeated listens. New comers will find the ideas easily digestible. It’s how the Thundas have handled these themes that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. The ideas are presented in original and new ways, which will appeal to and attract a wide variety of listeners. The Thundamentals have presented an album that escapes the restrictions that can sometimes be placed on a local hip hop album, watch it rocket up the ARIA album charts.

Without mentioning the hot first two singles and the trap fuelled banger leaked a few months back in Noodle Soup, track highlights on the album are plentiful. The albums opener Home In Your Head which features the amazing vocals of Mataya who will have you vibing out with it’s delicious hook in no time. 
“It’s gunna make you feel good;
Make you feel fine;
You can blame it on the music every time…”

The Groundhog Song provokes strong thoughts on the acceptance of racism in Australia, while speaking to wider issues that affect many around the planet. Hearts featuring the ever evolving talent of Ev Jones, takes us on a sonic hi-fi journey through heartbreak. Hold Your Hand featuring the Cali born singer Steve Clisby, is a powerful critic of Australian living seen through the eyes of two young people, Miley and Matt. Elephant In The Room is a fun track, rock the gold teeth yo! Whilst Missing You deals with the complex nature of many Australian families. 

Each and every track on the new LP is an exploration of production styles, themes and concepts, the execution is nothing short of brilliant. Further guests on the album include the every popular Horrorhsow head Solo, who asks the question have ya Got Love? Also, the stunning vocals of Laneous from Laneous and The Family Yah tying out the album with the title track So We Can Remember.

The Thundamentals have nailed this release in every possible way. So We Can Remember is an exemplification of a blossoming new future for hip hop in this country. Some crews aim to raise the bar with each and every release, Thudamentals do it. We rate the new LP a front running 4.7/5. Get around it ASAP!

Stream below the live performance from the Thundamentals So We Can Remember album launch tour, recorded live at the Corner Hotel Melbourne, May 2, 2014. 

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