Allday Right Now Review

Allday is cruising his way through the current GTM2014 tour, with other local artists such as Illy, Thundamentals, and a whole lot more. On Friday 25th of April, not only did Allday perform to a packed out stage at the inaugural Oakbank GTM event, he also released his brand new single titled Right Now.

right now allday

Allday has also recently announced his Right Now National Tour, which will kick off in Geraldton, Western Australia on May 29. The run of shows will include all ages, U18 and licensed shows right around the country, before finishing up in Brisbane, Queensland on June 20. Allday will be joined on tour with his current partner in crime, DJ Mikey Hundred and also special guests and One Dayers, Jackie Onassis.

Right Now is co-produced by Cam Bluff and Chuck Daly. Its new school flavour features a concoction of trap, rap and pop elements packaged up with that Allday steeze. The artwork for single is a striking image and lends itself well to the tracks direction. The lyrics are what we’ve come to expect and love from Allday, a variety of cultural references, wordplay flips and that steezy swag. 

Cam Bluff & Chuck Daly combine to present a beat full of life. Allday use’s Right Now as a commentary on the culture of his generation and how they put too much value on physical beauty and not enough on art, and how this generation want everything instantly and then throw it away the next minute. Don’t worry though… it’s also about partying. 

Right Now is the follow-up single to the massively popular Claude Monet, a track that’s seen itself become a triple j favorite. Allday is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut album, which will be sure to raise more than a few eyebrows. Right Now has been added to triple j rotation, and will continue to be a fan favourite until the full album is unleashed upon the hungry hoards of Allday fans. You can purchase Right Now by following the link below. 

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