Review: Dialectrix – The Cold Light Of Day

The ever masterful Dialectrix drops his exhilarating third LP today, titled The Cold Light Of Day. No, this has nothing to do with the recent Bruce Willis movie of the same name, but it does want to make us yell out ‘Yipee ki yay mother fucker‘, as loud as possible.


Teaming up with one of Australia’s most talented producers and live drummers in Plutonic Lab, whilst enlisting the help of platter assassin DJ 2Buck, The Cold Light Of Day is Dialectrix’s most accomplished work to date.

Fresh off the back from releasing his highly successful Satellite EP, The Cold Light Of Day is the combination of many years of hard work. Written in combination with Plutonic Lab, this is one of the year’s most technically cohesive and polished albums to hit the shelves.

Dialectrix had this to say about the album and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves: “Sonically The Cold Light of Day sits alone as being musically diverse, while being rigorously grounded in the settings of traditional Hip Hop.”

Dialectrix hasn’t held anything back this time around. In comparison to his last LP, The Cold Light Of Day could be described as worlds apart. The album should be seen, especially in the eyes of critics, as a major step forward for hip hop in this country. The Cold Light Of Day is an exciting departure from a formula that has seen many of his contemporaries follow.

The precision at which Dialectrix and Plutonic Lab combine is nothing short of perfection, tracks such as New Generation, Black & Gold, Go, Take Flight and The Greatest Trick present this in unique fashion. Vocal guests on the album include the legendary Def Wish Cast, P-Smurf (Big Village), Chip Fu, Momo (Diafrix), and a verse from 2Buck.

“I keep working with Pluto because we make music like a band. There’s a synergy and chemistry we get that you just can’t buy or fabricate and I’d consider him one of my best friends.“ – Dialectrix

The Cold Light Of Day is out now and can be picked up from all the usual outlets and online now. 


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