Illy Friday Flips Season 2

Illy is back Flippin’ Fridays in his weekly series Friday Flips. Following on from Season 1 where Illy teamed up with longtime collaborator M-Phazes, Season 2 has Illy teaming up with producer Nic Martin. Get your ears around the first 5 instalments below featuring flips of Peking Duck, Lorde, Sia & Vance Joy’s Riptide plus the latest flip from last Friday that features Momo of Diafrix, covering Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know. Official  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter Continue reading Illy Friday Flips Season 2

Cooking With Horrorshow (Adit) Momo Recipe (Nepali Dumpling)

This article was originally posted on December 16, 2009. We thought it was time to bring it out of the archives for those who missed it the first time. It’s time to drop the second edition of our monthly cook up. This time … Continue reading Cooking With Horrorshow (Adit) Momo Recipe (Nepali Dumpling)

Chasm – The Day Turns to Night EP

The third instalment of Chasm’s EP series comes in the form of Day Turns to Night. Taking a very different approach with his production, this EP is unlike any work Chasm has ever put out. With a strong focus on ambient electronic sounds, reflective of a fast approaching Summer, Day Turns to Night is sure to be make it onto a lot a seasonal playlists.   The EP features sultry vocals from some of Australia’s best, including Jane Tyrrell (The Herd), Daniel Misfud, Momo (Diafrix) and more.   “With this EP I was trying to bring together all my varied musical influences and … Continue reading Chasm – The Day Turns to Night EP

Diafrix – Rest Assured

Rest Assured is the sublime comeback single from Diafrix, a serene and refreshing return for the Melbourne duo. Coming off a guest-heavy second album (2012’s acclaimed Pocket Full Of Dreams), Rest Assured is entirely self-produced and performed, relying heavily on the duo’s core strengths – poignant storytelling, aspirational ideals, warm, melodic hip-hop production and soulful undertones. Momo’s heartfelt vocal appearance on the song’s hook best demonstrates the latter. A wonderful new start for one of Australia’s most interesting groups. Rest Assured is available now.  Purchase  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter Continue reading Diafrix – Rest Assured

Review: Dialectrix – The Cold Light Of Day

The ever masterful Dialectrix drops his exhilarating third LP today, titled The Cold Light Of Day. No, this has nothing to do with the recent Bruce Willis movie of the same name, but it does want to make us yell out ‘Yipee ki yay mother fucker‘, as loud as possible. Teaming up with one of Australia’s most talented producers and live drummers in Plutonic Lab, whilst enlisting the help of platter assassin DJ 2Buck, The Cold Light Of Day is Dialectrix’s most accomplished work to date. Fresh off the back from releasing his highly successful Satellite EP, The Cold Light Of Day … Continue reading Review: Dialectrix – The Cold Light Of Day

Diafrix – I’m A Dreamer feat. 360

True daydreamers, Momo and Azmarino of Diafrix team with the one and only 360 to present I’m A Dreamer, the standout lead single from Pocket Full Of Dreams, the Melbourne duos acclaimed new album out now through Illusive. Produced & Co-Written by 2012 ARIA Producer of the Year Styalz Fuego, I’m A Dreamer is quite simply a message of positivity over everything, an eternally optimistic anthem in both its sonics and lyrics. The piano driven beat provides a home for Diafrix’s hard knock tales, 360′s post-success narrative and one hell of a catchy group chorus. Diafrix are dreamers in the truest sense, and … Continue reading Diafrix – I’m A Dreamer feat. 360

Diafrix – Pocket Full Of Dreams (Video Series)

To celebrate the release of their upcoming album Pocket Full of Dreams (Sept 28th), strikingly unique Melbourne duo Diafrix are proud to present a series of six video shorts detailing the inspirational story of the group. Over each short instalment, the group explore their upbringing as African immigrants in Australia, their families back home, their formation as Diafrix and how these factors influenced their new album. Each episode features a new track from their upcoming sophomore album and are all directed by their long-time video collaborator Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. Diafrix deliver their finest work yet with Pocket Full of Dreams, … Continue reading Diafrix – Pocket Full Of Dreams (Video Series)

Diafrix – Running It

Diafrix is one of Australia’s most explosive and eclectic live acts. Following on from their hugely successful EP in 2006, their debut album Concrete Jungle has taken Diafrix’s iconic concoction of African rhythms, dance hall, funk, Australia hip hop and reggae and developed it into a truly world-class product while still maintaining the same raw energy they’ve carried since they formed in 2001. This trademark style has transcended any specific genre to create a totally unique, but entirely harmonious sound. The group – which heralds from the Melbourne suburb of Footscray – comprises two frontmen, Momo and Azmarino. Both are … Continue reading Diafrix – Running It

A Friendly Reminder……Big Show

If your in Adelaide this weekend July 10, make sure you get to HQ as 3 of Australia’s finest hit the main stage,  just in-case you didn’t know…… BIAS B When it comes to quality Australian Hip Hop, the most influential name that comes to mind is Bias B. With a career spanning over a decade, he has been at the forefront of the development of the local hip hop scene since the early 90’s. Bias B’s debut release Beezwax not only changed the standard of the local scene but has become a classic and a defining stepping stone in … Continue reading A Friendly Reminder……Big Show