A Friendly Reminder……Big Show


If your in Adelaide this weekend July 10, make sure you get to HQ as 3 of Australia’s finest hit the main stage,  just in-case you didn’t know……

When it comes to quality Australian Hip Hop, the most influential name that comes to mind is Bias B. With a career spanning over a decade, he has been at the forefront of the development of the local hip hop scene since the early 90’s.

Bias B’s debut release Beezwax not only changed the standard of the local scene but has become a classic and a defining stepping stone in the history of this genre. Bias B then went on to release In Bed With Bias in 2003 and then hit the scene with his 3rd solo in February 2007 entitled Been There Done That featuring the talents of Bigfoot, Dazastah, Bonez and Burna just to name a few. Aerosol Era is the title of his latest release, you can read more about that here.

Sydney MCs Nick Lupi and Just Enuf have perfected a unique approach that presents an exciting new sound for Obese Records and guarantees a fresh perspective for the Australian music scene. Their latest album Towards The Light is an innovative and adventurous work that maintains its underground intensity while blurring genre lines between indie, rock, electro and pop, showcasing the skills of these two prodigious rappers.

Production credits on Towards The Light feature foundational members of the Australian Hip Hop movement, including Suffa, M-Phazes, Jase and Fame, along with a number of new faces, highlighting the constant evolution of this increasingly influential movement in Australian music. Spit Syndicate’s dynamic live show testifies to this crew’s monster reputation and demonstrates their ability to party at a level well beyond their years.

From the Blue Mountains of NSW, 22 year-old Dialectrix, is one of the latest to join the Obese Records family and is lighting a fire under the Australian hip hop industry. Establishing himself as an essential member of the Sydney scene, Dialectrix broke out in 2004 as part of Triple J Unearthed winners Down Under Beats Crew, realising the skills ever present since his beginnings as an MC at the age of 14. Featuring heavily on their albums Hiphoperation and Under Raps along with label mate Chasm’s Beyond the Beat Tape, Dialectrix’s lyricism and urgency is met head on with a unique energy aimed at both cementing his ability while at the same time, challenging listeners to the vast possibilities of his potential.

Dialectrix recently released his first solo album Cycles of Survival. It was released on Obese Records and features Pegz, Drapht, Mc Kye, Momo (Diafrix), Mdusu, Joe New, Scot Burns, Rinse (Binge Thinkers), Thundamentals with cuts by 2buck (Binge Thinkers), Murda1 (Def Wish Cast) and Elgusto (Hermitude).

Since dropping late in 2008, Dialectrix’ album Cycles of Survival has received rave reviews. The first single Outcast has received extensive radio and video play accross the country, including high rotation on Triple J. 2009 is set to be a large year for the young MC.