Made In Melburn – Friday April 23

Witness one of the biggest collections of Melbourne hip hop talent as the Made In Melburn mini festival invades Billboard Nightclub. With live performances from Diafrix, Illy, Polo Club, the Psyde Projects and the Fresh Sox Breakers as well as DJ Flagrant (AV set), Cargo, Kuya, Sheriff Rossco, Ms Butt and more to be announced. Plus Melbourne’s best beat makers in the Producers Lounge including M-Phazes, Jase, Bonez, Doc Felix, Peril, Matik and more. Dont miss this showcase of local talent as we celebrate the artists who represent Melbourne to the fullest. DIAFRIX Having formed in 2001 and already regarded … Continue reading Made In Melburn – Friday April 23

A Friendly Reminder……Big Show

If your in Adelaide this weekend July 10, make sure you get to HQ as 3 of Australia’s finest hit the main stage,  just in-case you didn’t know…… BIAS B When it comes to quality Australian Hip Hop, the most influential name that comes to mind is Bias B. With a career spanning over a decade, he has been at the forefront of the development of the local hip hop scene since the early 90’s. Bias B’s debut release Beezwax not only changed the standard of the local scene but has become a classic and a defining stepping stone in … Continue reading A Friendly Reminder……Big Show