Made In Melburn – Friday April 23

Witness one of the biggest collections of Melbourne hip hop talent as the Made In Melburn mini festival invades Billboard Nightclub. With live performances from Diafrix, Illy, Polo Club, the Psyde Projects and the Fresh Sox Breakers as well as DJ Flagrant (AV set), Cargo, Kuya, Sheriff Rossco, Ms Butt and more to be announced. Plus Melbourne’s best beat makers in the Producers Lounge including M-Phazes, Jase, Bonez, Doc Felix, Peril, Matik and more.
Dont miss this showcase of local talent as we celebrate the artists who represent Melbourne to the fullest.

Having formed in 2001 and already regarded as one of the most energetic live acts around, last year Diafrix’s debut longplayer Concrete Jungle was released to critical acclaim, with front men Momo and Azmarino and producer Ptero Stylus fusing soul, dancehall, African rhythms, funk, Australian hip-hop, rock and reggae to create a totally unique, but entirely harmonious sound.
Already renowned for their live performances, their show has been polished via a European tour in early 2009 where they played to full houses in intimate venues in cities such as Paris, London and Amsterdam, and more recently major local fesitcals like Big Day Out, Meredith, Good Vibrations, Falls Festival, Hot BBQ, and Kiss My Grass to name but a few, guaranteeing they will tear the roof of Billboard at the first Made In Melburn event on April 23rd…

Having emerged from the underground MC battle-scene, Illy quickly caught the eye of the Crooked Eye crew, putting the young MC on a fast track to success due to the mentoring of crew mates Phrase and Daniel Merriweather, which in turn lead to a deal with hip hop heavyweights Obese Records. Illy’s debut release on Obese ‘Long Story Short’ saw the MC lauded as one of 2009’s most exciting hip hop prospects, with production from fellow Crooked Eye member M-Phazes as well as Jackson Jackson’s J-Skub. The result was some of the best produced hip-hop beats in the country, with lyrics that even when simple in delivery, maintained a complexity of message.
Since releasing his debut album, Illy has played countless gigs across the country, gained an entry in Triple J’s Top 100 for 2009 (Pictures at #66), started work on his follow up album, and is now undertaking another tour, Pictures 2010 which includes his final Melbourne show, Made In Melburn at Billboard on April 23rd.

After bursting into the public consciousness through the MTV Kickstart and Triple-J Unearthed Competitions, Urban Monk and Camelot The Cameleon wowed fans with their genre smashing debut album, The 13 last year. With idiosyncratic beat arrangement, deft lyricism and world-class bounce, Polo Club’s cross-over take on urban music and tight live shows have already made them fan favourites less than 2 years after coming onto the scene.

D-Fro, ILLResponce and Mr Moonshine are The Psyde Projects – a group that has an affinity with vinyl and the MPC and who love the flavour of the old skool. With all three members adept at beatmaking and drawing on different influences, they colour their music with syles and genres off a multitude of records, and make music littered with samples from diggers records topped with unpretentious lyrics.
Having gained a loyal following through live shows around town over the past two years, The Psyde Projects are set to blow up in 2010 with a number of projects on the go including a remix EP (out on Juno in March), a 45 and their debut album all set to drop before the year is out.
Witness The Psyde Projects tear the roof off with their catchy hook lines and full flavoured loops as MCs D’fro and ILLResponce deliver a lyrical onslaught on stage while Moonshine provides seamless blends and cuts to match.


This Melbourne based b-boy crew was formed in 2002 when Melbourne identities Mousa and Lamaroc joined forces to establish what is now considered one of the greatest Australian crews of all time, Fresh Sox. Combining power and footwork, the crew has grown over the years to now include both interstate and overseas members, guaranteeing a steady evolution in style which has seen them crowned Australian B-Boy champions 4 times, and invited to affiliate themselves with the Mighty Zulu Kingz 1973

Early bird tickets only $20 available from Billboard online, Moshtix, Ticketek, Wax Museum, This Is It and the usual outlets