Fraksha – It’s Just Bars Mixtape

2010 has seen Fraksha release his first solo release called It’s Just Bars. This CD mixed by DJ Affiks features production by, amongst others, M-Phazes, Affiks, Loco and Jermz alongside guests including Scotty Hinds, Diem, Murky Depths, Tornts, Brinks, Byron, 1/6 and more.

It’s Just Bars has already seen the release of the DJ Affiks produced Next Sound Level song and video which has proved a major hit at dubstep events around Melbourne and has since been remixed by Loco, MatCant (Scattermish) and renowned dubstep producer Spherix.

It’s Just Bars is set to be followed by a Smashbrothers EP and a Fraksha solo EP later in 2010. Look out!

Direct link to download Fraksha – It’s Just Bars.