Blue Mountain Heavy Hitters Otherside Shake Things Up With Their Latest Video Single & EP ‘Slug’

It could be something in the water or just the abundance of good weed, either way the Blue Mountains has a way of producing some of the finest Hip Hop artists in the country such as Urthboy, Hermitude and Thundamentals. … Continue reading Blue Mountain Heavy Hitters Otherside Shake Things Up With Their Latest Video Single & EP ‘Slug’

P. Smurf – The Story So Far

Back in March, Big Village released the debut solo EP The Story So Far from Daily Meds front man P.Smurf. This sun drenched 7 track EP is a testament to the last 8 years of hard work the Sydney MC has put into mastering his craft, and it shows. During The Story So Far. P.Smurf goes into depth on what makes him tick, both as a person and an MC.   Splicing his trademark spit-fire lyricism with tales of love, romance, inner city living and the unrelenting pressures of modern society. The Story So Far features some familiar guests with fellow … Continue reading P. Smurf – The Story So Far

Dialectrix – Audio Projectiles, internet bullshit & a fluey Fluent

The unique synergy created between artists was a defining character in the creativity and success of hip hop during the 1990s. Hip hop crews were bound together by their ideas in the moment and this interaction, at times tense, marked an incredible era in the genre’s history. Dialectrix, along with Mercury Prize winner Plutonic Lab and prolific Sydney DJ 2buck have taken this historical approach to produce Audio Projectile, the second album from one of Australia’s most talented wordsmiths.  The album is the work of collaboration in the truest sense. Aiming to capture the vivid sounds of the classics, Audio Projectile is their enjoyment of the past, … Continue reading Dialectrix – Audio Projectiles, internet bullshit & a fluey Fluent

Dialectrix – Live for MTV

With sturdy hip hop anthems, rapid fire lines and infectious beats, Sydney based MC Dialectrix is one of the impressive emerging acts on the aussie hip hop scene. Hailing from Sydney’s Blue Mountains, Dialectrix started his career at the tender age of 15. While his first encounters with hip hop were back yard party shindigs, it wasn’t until he teamed with DJ Platter Push, DJ Codeks, MC Immune and MC Joe New, to form the Down Under Beats Crew (DUB Crew), that he honed his swagger-infused freestyle sets that are currently commanding audiences around the country. One of the newest … Continue reading Dialectrix – Live for MTV

A Friendly Reminder……Big Show

If your in Adelaide this weekend July 10, make sure you get to HQ as 3 of Australia’s finest hit the main stage,  just in-case you didn’t know…… BIAS B When it comes to quality Australian Hip Hop, the most influential name that comes to mind is Bias B. With a career spanning over a decade, he has been at the forefront of the development of the local hip hop scene since the early 90’s. Bias B’s debut release Beezwax not only changed the standard of the local scene but has become a classic and a defining stepping stone in … Continue reading A Friendly Reminder……Big Show