Dialect and Despair – The Vortex (Review)

A vortex (plural: vortices) The motion of the fluid swirling rapidly around a center. If Adelaide locals, emcee Dialect and producer Despair have any relation to the title of their brand new LP The Vortex, then Dialect’s flows are surely swirling rapidly around the center of Despair’s production. Dialect and Despair – The Vortex has just been released on Adelaide’s newest label Uknowho Records and it’s enveloping all in its wake. The Vortex is a 15 track odyssey into the world of Dialect. Dialect’s purpose here is clear, to enlighten people on the importance of hip hop values and teachings … Continue reading Dialect and Despair – The Vortex (Review)

The Ultimate Hangover – Funkoars live at HQ Complex Adelaide

After a string of sold out tours and festivals, The Funkoars have been taking a well earned sabbatical from what was essentially a two year long hangover. Now after some serious stomach pumping and quality time in rehab, The ‘Oars are ready to deliver their last Adelaide show for 2010. Not only will this mark their final hometown show of 2010, but we will also see The Funkoars performing selected cuts from their back catalogue for the VERY… LAST… TIME. Promising to deliver a world class performance, The Funkoars have pulled out all the stops – more booze, more women … Continue reading The Ultimate Hangover – Funkoars live at HQ Complex Adelaide

A Sight For Sore Eyes – SA Charity Gig

This show will see one of the biggest line-ups of Adelaide Hip Hop in the past 5 years, donating their time and energy to support and raise much needed funds for the Royal Society for the Blinds Children and Youth Services. Get behind this great cause and show your support by parting with a lousy $10 to see some of Adelaide’s finest and help some vision impaired kids to live a better life. This is a daytime gig, so come and have some drinks and chill in the Electric Light Hotels Beer Garden. Doors open @ 1PM The day consists … Continue reading A Sight For Sore Eyes – SA Charity Gig