Allday – Noue Yesue

Allday is another in the long line of rappers coming from the seemingly fertile breeding grounds of Blackwood, Adelaide.‘I basically grew up in the hip hop scene; I would have been about eleven years old when I went to my first show. I’ve done the shaved head and the air max thing when I was younger. As Jay Z says, I’m off that,’ he laughs. Like many, after completing an apprenticeship on the battle circuit, Allday made his way into the recording studio. This culminated in a collection of angry battle-style tracks that are still for the most part unheard. … Continue reading Allday – Noue Yesue

Skryptcha – The Numbers Album Sampler (July 23)

From one city skyline to another, Sydney emcee Skryptcha digs into hip hop’s East Coast influence for direction and tone on his much anticipated debut full length. Titled The Numbers, this fourteen track outing is an honest and personal expression of Skryptcha’s personality and love for the music wrapped up in that old boom-bap and soul sound. Like those who have made a mark in the past, The Numbers is a glorious mix of deft production work and intelligent lyricism and story telling. Enlisting production from noted Australian beatmakers M-Phazes, Chasm, Jase and Ante Escobar alongside international input from Domingo … Continue reading Skryptcha – The Numbers Album Sampler (July 23)