KPI Nil Response feat. Hau

Born from an egg on a mountain top, I-Raq Records burst forth from the womb in jets of bloody mucous in 1999 – the brainchild of the secret Illuminati brotherhood pulling the strings of Canberra-based musical monsters Koolism. After being forced at gun point to release epic EP’s ‘The Season’ and ‘Blue Notes’ along with the stone cold Australian classic ‘Pt.1’ in 2000, the boys quickly realised that being signed to a label that contributed absolutely nothing to them beyond a shoddy logo and misguided criticism was slightly less than optimal and decided to escape – going on to arguably … Continue reading KPI Nil Response feat. Hau

D’Opus + Roshambo Mayday

This world is in a state of flux. This decade has seen changes that would seem an absurd fictional tale, if you were to explain it to someone a generation before. We express and gauge ourselves by social media’s omnipotent scrutiny, the ephemeral gaze of minute by minute digital memories, the left and right pull of societal swing, and the disposability of creativity. ‘Mayday’ is D’Opus & Roshambo’s call for concern and observation – a new nine track release that frames their world, as it stands now. D’Opus forms a production landscape that treads between familiar frequencies and speculative horizons. … Continue reading D’Opus + Roshambo Mayday

Hau Reffizlatukefu (QBN x ACT Remix)

Here is a brand new tune by the local legend Hau feat. Axe Aklins, TooDeadly, Hayds, Nix, Dazed, Omar Musa, Roshambo and Ciecmate with production by Hayds. The new track is a tribute to the classic Resin Dogs and Lazy Grey track ‘Re-Fizzla’ and will be featured on Hayds’ upcoming album ‘The Movement Vol. 1’. The project has been inspired by Pete Rock’s ‘Soul Survivor’ series. The album will be released in July and will feature artists from around the Canberra and Queanbeyan region to showcase the thriving local scene in Australia’s capital. Official  ||  Facebook Continue reading Hau Reffizlatukefu (QBN x ACT Remix)